2005 Club show

The Neapolitan Mastiff Club Show 2005

Date: 09/04/2005
Judge: Bas Bosch

Best In Show: Janineos Centurion
Best Male: Janineos Centurion
Reserve Male: Dalnarck Aronne
Best Bitch: Faynad Donvina
Reserve Bitch: Primiero Trinity
Best Puppy: Dalnarck Druda Via Vallino
Reserve Puppy: Dalnarck Dante
Best Veteran: Sugar and Spice

Results and Critiques

Veteran Dog or Bitch (5 entries) (2 absent)

1st SUGAR 'N' SPICE, BV - Mr and Mrs Speight, Impressive Bitch in superb condition for age, well built and sound throughout, pleasing head type, nicely wrinkled skull. Lovely depth of muzzle, excellent legs and feet, lovely spring of rib, moves very well for age
2nd BECKY OF RAYVONLEY (Czech imp) - Mr Cox, Lovely type, gives very nice silhouette, truly feminine, impressive head piece with lovely stop, muzzle and expression of eye, lovely length and depth of body, strong bone, a true pity she was not sound on the move today
3rd CALEENOS VENETIA - Miss Slater

Minor Puppy Dog (5) (1)

1st DALNARCK DANTE, BPD - Mrs Kirkham, Lovely type, big impressive boy, strong head piece with lovely muzzle and stop, excellent lip and dewlap, massive bone, nice feet, well angulated in front, strong back and lions, plenty of angulation in knee and hock, moves already with long stride, superb condition
2nd RAYVONLEY LION - Mr Cox, Very nicely proportion, attractive type, nice parallel line, lovely stop and muzzle, eye could be better, excellent bone, very well made behind, a nice top and underline, movement still quite puppy like

Puppy Dog (5) (3)

2nd LESALL KING OF SHADOWS - Mr and Mrs Penrose, Masculine dog, very well built, sufficient type, strong head piece with clean eyes but needs more furnishing and a softer expression, strong feet, excellent back and lions, well made behind

Junior Dog (6) (2)

1st DALESNEO'S DON FERNANDO - Mr and Mrs Bonney, Masculine dog, very well put together, lovely quality of muscle, strong head with nice parallel lines, blunt muzzle with good depth of lip, could do with a bit more furnishing and less rounded cheeks, strong bone and feet, lovely top & underline, sound strong mover, skin on body sufficient loose, superb condition
2nd DALESNEO'S MAGICAL LIAISON VIA ANNETIKE - Mrs Quarmby, Very nicely balanced young dog, well developed head with nice parallel lines, lovely stop, good lips and wrinkling, eyes could be better, angulation front and behind balanced, good feet, nice top and underline, excellent condition, skin on body could be more, moves well

Post Graduate Dog (11) (4)

1st DALNARCK ARONNE - Mr Thwaites, Masculine dog, well built, nicely proportioned, impressive head, strong deep muzzle, lovely stop, nice parallel lines, good lip, nice furnishing, expression of eye a bit harsh, lovely top and underline, excellent bone and feet, plenty of rib, well angulated front and behind, typical sound mover
2nd RAYVONLEY MIGHTY MONTY - Mr Feeney & Miss Osborne, Lovely type, very nicely proportioned, impressive head with nice parallel lines, nice muzzle and stop, skull shape slightly roundish, condition of eye could be better, lovely bone, front and ribs, excellent length of body and underline, well angulated in knee and hock, could do with more strength behind

Open Dog (11) (2)

1st JANINEO'S CENTURION, BD & BIS - Mrs Walker-Brooks, Nicely proportion masculine dog, very well made throughout with plenty of type without being overdone, well developed head, nice parallel lines, text book muzzle and stop, lovely expression with right amount of furnishing, lovely legs and feet, angulation front and behind balanced, superb back and lions, well muscled throughout, lovely condition, stands out on the move
2nd FABRIZIO VD HESTOKAMP (Imp NLD) - Mrs Preston, Very nicely proportioned dog, nice type, plenty to offer without being overdone, impressive head, very wide In skull, lovely muzzle, stop and furnishing, broad set, solid front with excellent bone and feet, plenty of rib, excellent top and underline, well angulated, sufficient hindquarters, typical mover, excellent condition

Minor Puppy Bitch (no entries)

Puppy Bitch (2)

1st DALNARCK DRUDA VIA VALLINO, BPB & BPIS - Mr and Mrs Platts, Quality puppy despite her age she impresses already in type and silhouette, strong head with lovely muzzle and depth of lip, plenty of furnishing, hopefully her skull will flatten, lovely bone and feet, well angulated front and behind, lovely condition and temperament, typical mover with nice long stride
2nd COLOSUS BABY EYES - Mrs Blackmore, Well built bitch of sufficient type, nice parallel lines of head but would prefer a bit more of everything, sufficient bone, well angulated front and behind, nice spring of rib, well muscled throughout, gleaming condition, sound mover

Junior Bitch (3)

1st PRIMIERO TRINITY - Mr McFarlane and Mr Batty, Lovely type truly feminine, gives already very impressing silhouette, well furnished head, nice parallel lines, excellent stop, could do with a bit more strength in muzzle, lovely bone, plenty of rib, very well angulated front and behind, lovely condition, could do with a bit more self confidence
2nd DALESNEO'S DOLCE VITA - Mr & Mrs Bonney, Well built feminine bitch, decent type, quite strong head with nice furnishing and stop, very good lips and muzzle, sufficient soft expression, nice top and underline, angulation front and behind balanced, nice bone and feet, moves well, excellent condition
3rd TARAMASTINI TRINA - Mr and Mrs Ley

Post Graduate Bitch (8) (2)

1st DROSDELNOCH'S BLUE RHAPSODY - Mr Berry, Impressive bitch, well made throughout, plenty of type, very strong head with nice parallel lines, very deep strong muzzle, more than enough furnishing, would prefer a bit less stop, lovely bone, excellent length of depth of body, nice spring of rib, well made behind, sufficient muscle tone, easy going typical mover
2nd RAYVONLEY KELSEY DREAM - Mr Feeney and Miss Osborne, Feminine bitch of nice type, excellent silhouette, well developed head, nice parallel lines, lovely depth of muzzle, nice top, eye condition could be better, very good bone, sufficient strong feet, angulation front and behind balanced, could do with a bit more muscle tone, moves with good long stride
3rd DALNARCK CHIRI - Mr and Mrs Bailey

Open Bitch (7) (3)

1st FAYNAD DONVINA, BB, RBIS & BOS - Mr and Mrs Carlin, Shouts breed type, very impressive throughout, very impressive head with lovely parallel lines, text book muzzle and lips, nice skull shape and stop, maximum of head skin, quality of bone as one seldom sees in a bitch, a lot of rib, highly typical top and underline, angulations front and behind balanced, lovely coat condition but too rich underneath which effects her movement
2nd ALBELLATINO CAPRICCIA DELTA - Mr Freeman, Truly feminine bitch, nice type, well developed head, nice parallel lines, lovely depth of lip, lovely furnishing on head, maximum dewlap, lovely soft expression, nice bone, well angulated front and behind, lovely length of body, overall she could do with more strength, moves with a nice long stride
3rd DALNARCK LULU - Mr A Bennett