2006 Club show

The Neapolitan Mastiff Club Show 2006
Date: 08/4/06
Judge: Marco Galli (Lisander)
48 entries with 9 NFC with 18 absentees 21 dogs present

Veteran Dog or Bitch (1 entry) (1 absent)

Minor Puppy Dog (No entries)

Puppy Dog (3) (1)

1st IRACIUS THE SUN AT LIONBRIDGE BPD - Mrs K Hall, Typical dog, nice head, good topline and quarters, nice movement, good future for this dog.
2nd INISBUA ATHOS - Mr and Mrs Wilks, Nice dog, head slightly smaller than one in front, a little open, carrying a little weight.

Junior Dog (2) (1)

1st NATALYA ARTURO - Miss N Watson, 13 Months, Correct bite, good head, typical type, little close behind, in good condition, moved & showed well.

Post Graduate Dog (7) (3)

1st RAYVONLEY LION Res DOG - Mr S Cox, Large Impressive male, excellent head, topline, construction, movement in front and behind good, very typical dog.
2nd DALNARCK DANTE - Mrs M Kirkham, Big size, head not as impressive as one, rouching over croup, condition excellent, strong bone, showing very well and moved very well.
3rd RAYVONLEY MIGHTY MONTY - Mr Feeney and Miss Osborne

Open Dog (6) (1)

1st ABELLAINO UMBERTO AT KAMATSE, BD and BIS - Mrs A Berry, Medium size, very nice head, well balanced with body, typical movement, in good condition, moving and showing well, very good bend of stifle, Excellent.
2nd JANINEO'S CENTURION DEL TUSCANEO - Mrs J Walker-Brooks, Large male, correct teeth and bite, typical head expression, good topline, slightly low on coupe, moving a little close in front and behind, showing well, in good condition.
3rd BLUE LAGOON - Ms D Bucknell
5th DALNARCK Don CAPPO - Rick and Anita Bailey

Minor Puppy Bitch (4) (1)

1st DALNARCK BELLE, BPB, Res BITCH and BPIS - Mr and Mrs Speight, Very nice puppy bitch, teeth perfect, good neck and shoulder, nice topline, correct movement in front and behind, very promising bitch.
2nd DALNARK BABE AT NATALYA - Miss N Watson, 6 Month old bitch, typical head, at this time a little small, nice topline, showing and movement very well, happy puppy of quality.
3rd DALNARK BAMBI - Mr and Mrs Bailey

Puppy Bitch (3) (1)

1st MIKITA BLUE CLOUD AT NATALYA - Miss N Watson, Stood alone, head not typical, good size, temperament good, mouth ok, movement well and showing well.

Junior Bitch (2) (2)

Post Graduate Bitch (8) (4)

1st DALNARCK DRUDA VIA VALLINO BB, RBIS and BOS - Mr & Mrs Platts, Beautiful bitch, good head, teeth, eyes and mouth correct, good shoulders, very nice top line, moved well in front and behind, showing very well.
2nd PRIMIERO TRINITY - Mr J McGonigle, Nice bitch, muzzle a little longer, good expression, nice in shoulder, nice topline & movement very free, typical bitch.
3rd TANNICK MAJUSTIC BLUE - Mr and Mrs Simpson
4th LESALL DARK & SHARP - Mr J McGuigan

Open Bitch (6) (3)

1st DROSDELNOCH'S BLUE RHAPSODY - Mr K Berry, Nice bitch, teeth acceptable, nice head, neck and shoulder good, elbow slightly out, topline good, nice in type, moving free.
2nd LESALL DARK N SHARP - Mr J McGuigan, Large bitch, slightly longer not typical head, moved ok, not typical of type, showing well.

Brace (4) (1)

RAYVONLEY LION / FAYNAD DALIA OF RAYVONLEY - Mr S Cox, Large upstanding dog, strong head, good bone. Mother and Son, Bitch feminine, typical head, not happy on the day, showed OK.