2009 Club show

The Neapolitan Mastiff Club 6th Breed Open Show
Date: 11.04.09
Judge - Brian Hill

Many thanks to the other Officers and Committee of The Neapolitan Mastiff Club for giving me the opportunity to judge such a wonderful show. I only found out at 9.30 pm on the Friday that, both elected and reserve Judges were unable to attend due to ill health and the 2010 Judge had prior commitments. The show opened with a spectacular line up of dogs Not For Competition expertly introduced by Mr Mike Evans, and what an excellent entry of Mastini to Judge. My thanks to my two expert stewards and scribe who did a wonderful job.
My main criticisms on the day were: (a) Many exhibits had weak pasterns and no muscle tone indicating lack of exercise. (b) Several of the younger exhibits had mouths not in keeping with the breed standard. (c) If this breed is to begin featuring in Groups at Open and Championship shows the overall handling and presentation needs to dramatically improve.

Veteran Dog / Bitch (2,1):

1st and Best Veteran - Cox's - Faynad Dalia of Rayvonley. Nice headed 8 year old bitch. Head of good proportions, good top line, unfortunately not sound on the day.

Minor Puppy Dog (6,2):

1st and Best Puppy Dog and Best Puppy in Show - Ray and Kellegher's - Inisbua Diomedes. Very promising young dog, lovely well proportioned head, good mouth, well boned, nice firm top line. Best mover in class.
2nd - Bailey's - Dalnarck Hados. Nice type, looser all over than 1st, good front, nice type and head, but movement all over the place.
3rd - Evan's - Dalnarck Ippolito at Makaevo. Loosely put together dog, giving impression of weak front. Top line not settled, erratic movement.
Res - Evan's - Dalnarck Hiro at Makaevo.

Puppy Dog (7,4):

1st and Reserve Best Puppy Dog - Moon & Hadley's - Mostroneo's Bakari. Nice well proportioned head, good front, good top line, lacking overall size, moved okay.
2nd - Cox's - Rayvonley Alfie. Needs to be better handled! Good head proportions, top line a little erratic, difficult to assess movement.
3rd - Slater & Mafi's - Two The Sud. Good sized dog. Needs more exercise to improve front. Mouth not to standard at present.

Junior Dog (7,5):

1st - Platts - Cincirpini's Foo Fughter via Vallino (Imp USA). Dog of great substance, good well proportioned head. Good top line, massive bone, toes out a little at front. Excessive dewlap.
2nd - Ray and Kellegher's - Inisbua Bison. Nice well balanced head, good expression, good top line. Front all over the place, unable to assess mouth.

Post Graduate Dog (6,4):

1st and Reserve Best Dog - Kemp's Faynad Pero at Mostroneo. Lovely well proportioned dog, super overall outline. Good head, neck and shoulder. Moved well. A dog with no excess.
2nd - Luff's - Masaniello dello Stradone Vesuviano (Imp ITA). Dog with good head, good skull proportions. Well set ears. Toes out at front. Moved okay.

Limit Dog (3,2):

1st - Lee's - Janineo The Don at Tannick. Excellent overall outline, well proportioned head, good mouth. Good firm top line, excellent bone, moved okay.

Open Dog (8,3) (1 dismissed):

1st and Best Dog & Best In Show - Evans' Dalnarck Ercole at Makaevo. Excellent head, neck and shoulders. Real true Neapolitan expression. Flews but not to excess. Dewlap not to excess. Good bone and substance. Excellent mover.
2nd and Reserve Best Dog - Kemp's Faynad Pero at Mostroneo. Lovely well proportioned dog, super overall outline. Good head, neck, and shoulder. Moved well. A dog with no excess.
3rd - Cullen's - Dalnarck Drago. Nice type. Good head. Excess flews, toes out in front.
Res - Cox's - Rayvonley Lion.

Minor Puppy Bitch (2,2):

Puppy Bitch (9,4):

1st and Best Puppy Bitch - Heron's - Makaevo Patrizia. Quality young bitch, lovely well balanced head, excellent mouth, good top line (level), lovely overall outline. Best mover in class.
2nd and Reserve Best Puppy Bitch - Cox's - Rayvonley Giada. Another nice quality bitch, good head, super top line with parallel belly line. Lost out on movement due to inexperienced handling.
3rd - Evans' - Makaevo Alfonsina. Nice type, smaller than 1st & 2nd. Toes out in front.
Res - Evans' - Dalnarck Giuliana at Makaevo.
Vhc - Newport's - Inisbua Carmen.

Junior Bitch (5,2):

1st and Best Bitch and Reserve Best In Show and BOS - Speight's Belkeiminter Amaretti. Wonderful overall outline. Well proportioned head, good mouth, excellent neck and shoulders. Good straight front, moved well.
2nd - Spilsbury's - Drosdelnoch's Witches Brew. Good headed bitch, good bone and substance. Good firm top line, moved okay.
3rd - Berry's Drosdelnoch's Rutaskardi. Nice overall outline but unsound.

Post Graduate Bitch (7,3):

1st - Bailey's - Rayvonely Luna at Dalnarck. Lovely headed bitch, excellent mouth. Good neck and shoulders, excellent bone, moved well.
2nd - Platt's - Vallino Evanescence. Another nice headed bitch, toes out at front. Did not move as well as 1st.
3rd - Cox's - Triana de Azzurro of Rayvonley (Imp ESP). Promising but well underweight giving the impression of being very long in body.
Res - McGuigan's - Lesall Dark N Sharp at Hieronymus.

Limit Bitch (6,2):

1st - Evans' - Dalnarck Brina at Makevo. Nice well proportioned head, good neck and shoulders, excellent front, good overall outline. Best mover in class.
2nd - Cox's Rayvonley Uno. Another nice head, nothing out of proportion. Good mouth. Toes out a little in front, moved okay.
3rd - Greenwood and Lloyd's - Dalnarck Electra. Nice good sized bitch. Good overall outline. Mouth okay.
Res - McGuigan's - Lesall Dark N Sharp at Hieronymus.

Open Bitch (8,2):

1st and Reserve Best Bitch - Bailey's - Dalnarck Bambi. Very Feminine head, flat skull, short but strong neck into good shoulders. Good front, excellent top line. Best mover in class.
2nd - Speight's - Dalnarck Bell of Belkeiminter. Head a little over done for my liking. Excessive flews and dewlap although kept very clean. Toes out at front, moved okay.
3rd - Berry's - Drosdelnoch's Lady Jade. Good example of the breed. Good head, but lost out on movement.
Res - Slater and Mafi's - Dalnarck Beau.
Vhc - Hagg's - INT CH Minerva de Azzurra (ATC AG00945ESP)

Brace :
1st and Best Brace - Evans' Dalnarck Hiro at Makaevo / Dalnarck Ippolito at Makaevo.
Matching couple of youngsters, moved well and did not make the handler look a fool.

Many thanks for a lovely day
Brian Hill