2010 Club show

The Neapolitan Mastiff Club - 7th Breed Open Show
Date: 10.04.10
Judge Jeff Luscott - Critiques

Thank you for a most enjoyable day spent amongst such friendly and sociable exhibitors, guests and visitors. I enjoyed the atmosphere, the sporting applause for the exhibits and of course the dogs themselves. I would like to say a big word of thanks for the invitation to judge this prestigious show, and as President I would like to say a big thank you to the officers and committee for providing an excellent, well organised and well run show. With all the hard work needed, a lot of people put in a lot of time and effort to create a most enjoyable show for me as a judge, and for the members, exhibitors and all who came to the show. There was lots going on with raffles, auctions, tombola, stalls and club merchandise available, making it a busy day. In the Ring, I would like to say a big thank you to my scribe, Pam Jean-Brown, for her patience, and stewards Angela Dodd and Pearl Chadwick who kept things in order, it was a pleasure working with you.
It was great to see so many youngsters coming through in the NFC class, the Puppy and Juniors too and this should hold the breed in good stead for the next years of progress. I felt the Open classes were strong and it was great to see the big kennels had given such support to the show.
The Neapolitan Mastiff was bred with a job in mind and that was where my mind was concentrated, when making the final decisions. I feel the breed can continue to improve overall, taking into consideration the adjustments in the standards as far as fit for life and fit for function are concerned, but we must never forget the job for which the dog was intended and retain the Type for future generations in your breeding programs.
Just some thoughts and areas to keep an eye on, the musculation in topline and rear quarters could be worked on for better muscle tone and strength, and good handling can always improve a dogs performance in the eye of the judge, especially if maybe a slightly larger ring could be provided to give the dogs more space, standing and moving. I wish you good luck for your future shows this year and thank you once again for bringing such great dogs for me to see and judge.
Well Done To You All

BIS Zadeh's FAYNAD INSOSTUIBILE Just the type and hits you in the heart.
RBIS and BOS Cox's MARIA DELLO STRADONE VESUVIANO OF RAYVONLEY(IMP) Sound and typical in her frame. BPIS Platts VALLINO IRON MAIDEN Most promising should have a great future.

Veteran Dog / Bitch. (1):

1st & BV - McGuigan's - Lesall Dark N Sharp at Hieronymus. Strong powerful bitch. Well built in body, pleasing and attractive in head, slightly longer in outline. Good skull and muzzle. Good rear quarters. Moves easily on the side, narrows in front and down on the pasterns.

Minor Puppy Dog. (4):

1st - Ray and Kellegher's - Inisbua Galileo. 6 months old, nice proportions in skull, good overall balance. I liked the muzzle and jaw. Bone developing. Nice proportions in body and chest & top line. Good angles front and rear, moved easily when in his stride.
2nd - Jordan & Whitelam's - Vallino Oh George. Stronger dog with muscle and bone, not quite the shape and outline of 1. Good typical head coming through. Nice bone, feet and muscle in quarters. Needs to develop on the move.
3rd - Stirlings - Vallino Kaos.
Res - Ray and Kellegher's - Inisbua Fidelio.

Puppy Dog. (5,2):

1st and BPD - Cox's - Rayvonley Leone. Lovely headed dog, most promising. Uses himself well. With nice neck, front and shoulder. I like the chest and rear. Nice rear angles. Good jaw and skin folds. Lazy on the move.
2nd - Evans and Johnson's - Rayvonley Minos. Very close to first. Has lovely head, typical in skull and muzzle. Strong neck, well-built in body. Has great bone. Rising top line at present. Good width of quarters. Moves easily but needs a little more control.
3rd - Stirlings - Vallino Kaos.

Junior Dog. (1,1):

Post Grad Dog. (8,4):

1st and RBD - Ray and Kellegher's - Inisbua Diomedes. Strong well-built dog. Loved his head. Good proportions muzzle and skull. Good angles front and rear. Balanced in top line. Deep chest with good ribs. Still more body development to come. Good bone and feet. Excellent on the move, so easy and sound at the rear.
2nd - Bailey's - Dalnarck Hades. Very typical in head and outline. Young dog needs control and development in movement. Good muzzle to skull proportions. Excelled in skin & folds. Lovely bone & could have won the class out doors on the move.
3rd - Evans and Johnson's - Dalnarck Hiro at Makaevo
Res - Moon and Hadley's - Mostroneo's Bakari

Limit Dog. (2,1):

1st - Moon and Hadley's - Mostroneo's Bakari. Attractive youngster, not quite the strength in head and bone. Chest and body developing. Turns out at the front. Could improve the overall picture if he stopped pacing on the move.

Open Dog. (3):

1st & BD and BIS - Zadeh's - Faynad Insostuibile. Fantastic head, great folds in skin and strength in muzzle. Clean eyes, superb bone, body and chest still good. Strong top line and rear quarters. True bear-like action on the move. Lovely dog to go over.
2nd - Evans and Johnson's - Dalnarck Ercole at Makaevo. Lovely headed dog, typical throughout the frame. I liked his power, strength and shape. Strong muscle, good ribcage. Slight rise over the top line. Powerful quarters, moves easily and true at the rear.
3rd - Kemp's - Faynad Pero at Mostroneo.

Minor Puppy Bitch. (4,3):

1st - Ray and Kellegher's - Inisbua Gretel. Lovely youngster, excellent proportions. Typical head and body at this age. Good bone coming through. Nice easy mover. Handler needs training!! Should have a bright future. Great temperament.

Puppy Bitch. (4,1):

1st and BPB & BPIS - Platts - Vallino Iron Maiden. Nice moving youngster. Very easy front and rear action. Good balance in skull and body at this stage. Growing in stages so slight rise in topline. Nice rear angles. Hope she progresses at this rate.
2nd Bradley's - Rayvonley Leola. Bigger all over but still in proportion although slightly long at this stage. Strong in bone and body. Good head coming through with nice parallels. Nice angles front and rear and moved easily when under control.
3rd - Platts - Vallino Weenie Beenie.

Junior Bitch. (1,1):

Post Grad Bitch. (8,3):

1st - Evans and Johnson's - Makaevo Adalina. Very typical in head with a lovely muzzle & skull. Good eye and jaw. Well balanced, excellent body, top line and quarters. Strong bone and good muscle throughout. Well controlled on the move. Covered the ground easily.
2nd - Cox's - Cinciripinis Felisa of Rayvonley (Imp USA). Close in second, bitch with very typical head. Good skull and depth of jaw. Strong in bone and body, needs to develop more in width and substance but going through adolescent stage. Good muscled quarters, moves okay.
3rd - Platts - Vallino Pantera
Res - Moon and Hadley's - Boldhearts Furia Adua.
Vhc - Evans and Johnson's - Dalnarck Giuliana at Makaevo

Limit Bitch. (9,4):

1st - Evans and Johnson's - Makaevo Enrica. Good balance and size. Well made in head. Strong jaw. Feminine. Good bone. Well muscled in body, top line and rear quarters. Good rear angles and moves easily with a nice stride. More development to come in head.
2nd - Berry's - Drosdelnoch's Lady Jane. Good solid honest bitch. I liked her head and body shape. Good through chest, depth and rib. Slack in top line but good width over croup. Nice at back end, just not moving with any drive other than pacing on side gait.
3rd - Moon and Hadley's - Boldhearts Furia Adua.
Res - Evans and Johnson's - Dalnarck Giuliana at Makaevo
Vhc - Bailey's - Hapsut del Bengasche at Dalnarck (Imp ITA)

Open Bitch. (8,4):

1st and BB & RBIS and BOS - Cox's - Maria dello Stradone Vesuviano of Rayvonley. Very typical in head. Lovely folds. Good skull to muzzle ratio, excellent parallels. Good through neck, front chest, ribs and rear. Quarters slightly longer in loin. Moves with the style required, the right action and true in front and rear.
2nd and RBB - Lee's - Vallino Marillion via Tannick. Stronger, slightly more compact bitch, excellent head, broad with strong muzzle, nice eye and ear set, good strength in jaw. Okay in shoulder and front. Lovely bone and body. Has the muscle tone, just needs the time to bring her to full maturity.
3rd - Greenwood's - Dalnarck Electra at Doowneerg.
Res - Berry's - Drosdelnoch's Lady Jane

Brace. (4,3):

1st and BBrace - Evans' Dalnarck Hiro at Makaevo / Makaevo Adalina. Lovely, well balanced brace, both in balance & power. Very typical and matching in head. Strong easy strides on move. Congratulations to the breeder.