2011 Club show

The Neapolitan Mastiff Club - 8th Single Breed Open Show 09.04.2011
Judge Zena Thorn-Andrews

The Neapolitan Mastiff Club held an Open show at the excellent venue of Aldersley Leisure Village Wolverhampton. A good entry of 57 of which 8 were Not for Competition, probably because of cropping or too young to show! The Committee were most welcoming and looked after me so well. All the competitors were sporting and shook hands with the winners in every class.
I thought the standard was good overall, only one exhibit untypical, throwing more to the Dogue de Bordeaux, many were in excellent body and condition but sadly some lovely dogs were either badly out of coat or under-muscled. I feel this breed should show latent power on the move and thin stifles and under-muscled shoulders do not belong to this large working breed. Heads were generally typical and some, although pleasing otherwise, were too rounded which does not convey the essence of the breed head. Only a couple of undershot mouths, which was really good, these tend to give too much 'chin'. Angulation was good both front and rear. Some toplines were too roached and a couple too flat in croup leading to high set tails. I moved them at the walk for first appraisal, to determine how sound they were, and to look for the "bear like" amble, typical of the breed. The trot should show more Feline than Canine according to the experts of the breed, and a "Cat like Grace" at it's best. Overall the breed is going on the right way in my opinion, and has some promising breeders.

Veteran (0).

Monor Puppy Dog (1,1).

Puppy Dog (4,2):

1st - Spilsbury's Verotipo Puck. Strong and sound boy of 11 months, pleasing head, square muzzle, inverted 'V' lips. Parallel planes to skull, good shoulders excellent bone, front feet turn out a touch too much, deep chest. Topline could be more level, super rear and powerful going away. BPD
2nd - Cox's Rayvonley Ottavio. Promising for body and correct topline, obviously foreface needs more development, as yet. Front looks to be OK, good bone for size, good bend of stifles but so weak in rear and needs a lot of strengthening here. Well set tail too. Needs exercise.

Junior Dog (4,2):

1st - Skeikh's Doowneerg Aries. Correct size and so sound too, powerful impressive front and rear. Body is a compact rectangle, good shoulders. Correct 1/3 length and squareness of muzzle. Back skull drops away a touch. Correct view from front of head proportions. Has a slight dip in his topline which I hope improves with age. A fine dog and high quality.
2nd - Lees' Tannick Mayhem. Eyes a touch too loose, has unexaggerated loose skin and well placed ears, needs a bit more width through front and rear, well up to size, good level underline, movement will improve with a bit more muscle.

Post Graduate Dog (8,3):

1st - Evans' Rayvonley Minos at Makaevo. Lovely strong impressive dog, sound true mover, showing correct 'cat-like' grace on the trot, good proportions of height to length, excellent bone, super head, square skull and muzzle, good dewlap, a bit too much slope of pasterns otherwise a beauty. RBD
2nd - Cox's Rayvonley Apollo. Taller and agile but erratic moving and just needs more control. Correct amount of loose skin, clean eyes, well angulated, nice thick feet. Just needs a bit more practice, liked his head and attitude.
3rd - Bailey's Dalnarck Kaos. A touch overdone in loose skin and head rounds-off a bit. I admired his compact rectangular outline, good topline, but should slope off a little more over rump and have a lower set tail. Pleasing overall, has a typical pace, but he can trot.
Res - Cox's Puleo dello Stradone Vesuviano of Rayvonely (Imp Ita).
Vhc - Slater and Mafi's Doowneerg Usi.

Limit Dog (0).

Open Dog (4,1):

1st - Ray & Kellegher's Inisbua Diomedes. Super dog all through, I liked his head proportions, inverted 'V' to lips, good flat parallel skull to foreface. Excellent front, bone and tight thick feet, deep chest, good topline and underline, well set tail, hard coat, good pigment, great mover all round. BD & BIS
2nd - Cox's Rayvonley Leone. Close up and also a super mover in rear, good stifles and sound firm hocks, pleasing body and ribbing is carried well back. I thought he needed a little more strength of foreface and depth of lips, but otherwise a pleasing head and he is a very sound dog.
3rd - Slater and Mafi's Two The Sud. A bigger dog, quite underweight on the day which was affecting his topline, he was quite roached in back. Good quarters well boned for size, and quite typy.

Minor Puppy Bitch (4,2):

1st - Platts' Vallino Black Diamond. Two promising puppies, winner growing up at the rear at present, but this should settle OK in a few months. Slightly undershot and chin a bit too prominent. Good muzzle length, strong shortish neck, deep chest, well bent stifles and quite sound active mover for her age. BPB and BPIS
2nd - Macintyre's Rayvonley Rebble. Excellent stop and foreface, flat back skull, good outline for proportions but needs co-ordination still and she is not quite sure what she is supposed to do as yet! Promising puppy.

Puppy Bitch (6,3):

1st - Moss's Vinceremos Roma. Super puppy has the correct 'shambling' movement in slow walk and 'cat-like' trot. I would like to see less of her elbows coming towards. Lovely head, enough loose skin. Impressive body, legs like columns, perfect topline and matching underline. Good coat and lovely condition. She moved very badly in the challenge for Best Puppy.
2nd - Spilsbury's Verotipo Desdemona. Overweight which affected her topline on the day. She was true moving and has good quarters, bone and feet, good square muzzle and correct stop, excellent coat and muscular condition for her age, good mover all round.
3rd - Cox's Rayvonley Tinker. Undershot and not clean enough in eyes. Liked her body proportions, OK in rear and good height to length ratio.

Junior Bitch (4,3):

1st - Deakin's Doowneerg Alessandra. Really top-notch bitch, super head, inverted 'V' lips, good dewlap. OK in front, level backline. True behind, super bone and tight thick feet. Maybe a wee bit too square in outline. Moved very well. Better handling on the stance would improve.

Post Graduate Bitch (8,4):

1st - Greenwoods Doowneerg Ava. A really good bitch, pleasing head and skull, clean eyes, correct muzzle viewed from front, broad chest, good legs and feet, well let-down brisket, correct level back, powerful rear. RBB
2nd - Cox's Triana de Azzurra of Rayvonley (Imp Esp). Not the movement of winner but nicely proportioned, good head, sound legs and feet, needs more muscle when her movement should improve.
3rd - Cox's Marina dello Stradone Vesuviano of Rayvonley (Imp Ita). Rather exaggerated in loose skin and too long in back, deep well ribbed body, good angulation both ends, but she was not using it on the day.
Res - Newport's Inisbua Flamina.

Limit Bitch (3):

1st - Cox's Cinciripini's Felisa of Rayvonley (Imp USA). Not an easy decision as second was in better condition of muscle and coat. Winner has the better head and proportions of height to length. Well made excellent body for ribbing and depth of chest, beautiful head. Moved well considering her lack of muscle.
2nd - Evans' Makaevo Enrica. Not quite enough muzzle and she is just a little too square in body. Her condition was excellent and she hold a good topline, she is very sound. A credit to her owner.
3rd - Platts Vallino Pantera. Outgunned a bit here. She has not got enough depth to her muzzle and she is rather too straight in rear. In super body, coat and muscular condition and is a fair mover.

Open Bitch (5,2):

1st - Lees' Vallino Marillion of Tannick. Powerful impressive open class, headed by a very typical and high quality bitch, would prefer less loose skin on her back, but she has a beautiful head, correct skull and muzzle, strong well rounded neck. Excellent body and sound movement. BB and RBIS
2nd - Cox's Maria dello Stradone Vesuviano of Rayvonley (Imp Ita). Also has a good head and less loose skin on her back which I liked. She does run-up in topline due to a flat croup and her tail carriage is too high. Very sound and easy mover. Not in the best of coats today.
3rd - Evans' Makevo Adalina. Not the length of muzzle perhaps and she is a bit overdone in loose skin. I liked her compact rectangular body and nice angulation. She does throw out her right front leg on the move though. Good depth and width of body.


1st - Cox's Rayvonley Leone / Cinciripini's Felisa of Rayvonley (Imp USA). A very good matching pair, having super bone, excellent bodies and very good active movers. Great temperaments too!

Zena Thorn-Andrews.