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I had my first Neapolitan in 1996 callugi Alberto (Albert ) he wasn’t the greatest show quality but the choice was limited he taught me how to deal with the breed strong temperament and many health issues through his 8 years of life he was a fantastic guardian and great companion and friend a very sad loss when he lost his final battle.

In this time I was lucky enough to visit Jean Clarke (Kwintra) one of the first in the UK to own a Neapolitan we learnt very much from Jean and her great friend Douglas Oliff spending many hours on the phone or at meetings and shows together.  I decided that I wanted to show so needed to learn more and decided to import.  I contacted and then visited my good friend Mar Michon at the all winners show and then the world show which was in Amsterdam that year seeing many dogs but only a few from Italy. We brought from Mar a great dog Roulan Vergine Jardin Du Michony, a very big and kind dog always wanting to please and going on to be reserve male at Crufts.

As a companion to Roulan we was gifted a massive girl just known as Ellie size and legs /paws would have been better on a tree she had excellent breeding and came from Vicki Roach who was kind enough to trust us with Ellie another typical Neapolitan character. Next after a meeting at Crufts the previous year we was lucky enough to buy Faynad Donvina a beautifull very typical with a very strong feminine character from some of the best breeding in the world at that time she won many best of breed in her showing and also reserve BOB at Crufts many times being seen in the group . Another female became available from Faynad kennels a female known only as Tara everyone lucky enough to see her just said WOW  . we mated her to Faynad Bandito before he went off to his new home in Italy at the Bengasche Kennels .producing 3 pups all 3 being fantastic and exactly what we had aimed for Arianno Amianto and Argenta. Unfortunately within the next 18months we had lost all 7 dogs, unimaginable devastation. My parents suggested a change of breed so after many months of looking not really wanting to have another dog  tomain burnt warrior came to us a beautifull powerfull Russian Black Terrier “Tadius “ as he was known another dog that just made you say wow what a pleasure he was perfect replacement for a Neapolitan Mastiff  , almost .

Life changed and Tadius went to live with Kay and I went to Italy buying 5 Neapolitans from Del Gheno 2 staying in Holland with Mar 3 coming into the UK Michealangelo, Italia and Libera Del Gheno became Neafox producing 2 litters that have resulted in 2 more 5 litters in 22 years but this time with a different view to produce big powerfull fit for function typical Neapolitans health being very important. “A” litter producing Alfonso (Polar ) Annastasia and Angiola “B” litter Beatrix Bearnadino and Beniamino “c” litter another 4 and “D” 9 pups including Denali post grad winner crufts 2017. I have been lucky to speak with and meet some great mastino lovers from all over the world and I hope to meet more in coming years and continue to learn always with my story going on.