Champ and open show critiques and results 2007

Championship Show Results 2007
Crufts Championship show 09.03.07, Judge Mrs C. Molinari. BOB Speight's Dalnarck Bell.
Veteran Dog (1):
1st Bucknall's Blue Lagoon, 8 year old in very good condition. This dog has correct construction and is sound with good movement for age and size. Well balanced dog.
Special Junior D (0).

PostGraduate D (4,1):
1st Hall's Iracius the Sun at Lionridge, a young and well balanced dog with excellent construction. He will improve with time but has plenty of quality and type. A sound mover.
2nd Feeney's Rayvonley Mighty Monty, well balanced dog, not as masculine and impressive as winner, but of correct type. Excellent on the stand, could cover more ground when moving.
3rd Smith's Lesall High Flyer
Open D (7,2):
1st & Best Dog Cox's Rayvonley Lion, a very masculine dog with excellent construction, correct head and expression and very nice size. Correct length of body and a sound mover. A quality dog.
2nd & Res Best Dog Harris's Farrugia Sailor Moon, another dog of excellent type, with correct expression and head and a sound body with correct topline. Not as impressive as the winner.
3rd Bailey's Dalnarck Andrico, very well balanced but not the size and substance of 1st and 2nd. Sound mover.
Res Walker-Brooks's Janineo's Centurion del Tuscaneo.
Veteran Bitch (0).

Special Junior B (5,1):
1st & Best Bitch & Best of Breed Speight's Dalnarck Bell, pleasing bitch with excellent type. Beautiful head and expression, sound construction and correct movement. A quality bitch in all aspects with size and substance.
2nd Slater's Dalnarck Beau, feminine bitch correctly constructed and not overdone. She is quite sound but lacks the expression of the winner.
3rd Evans' Dalnarck Brina at Makaevo, very good type with excellent head and overall balance. A bit soft in the rear.
Res & Best Puppy Kemp's Lesall Butterfly at Mostroneo.
PostGraduate B (6,1):
1st & Res Best Bitch McGonigle's Primiero Trinity, A very good type, sound and feminine with an excellent head. Correct bone and sound rear, moves well.
2nd Feeney's Rayvonley Kelsey Dream, excellent type and an excellent head. Correct construction, a bit long in the body but balanced nevertheless.
3rd Simpson's Tannick Desaury Blue, very nice bitch but still immature. Excellent topline and correct mover.
Res Speight's Lolas Northern Star.
Open B (5,2):
1st Berry's Drosdelnoch's Blue Rhapsody, a well balanced bitch with correct construction, well proportioned and sound.
2nd Platts Dalnarck Druda via Vallino, very well balanced bitch but a bit overdone in head. Excellent body and a sound rear.
3rd Stoffers Ravenna, very well balanced but not at ease. Correct construction and a sound mover.
Mrs C. Molinari (Portugal)

Working & Pastoral Breeds Association of Wales 21.04.07, Judge Jill Peak. BOB Platts Dalnarck Druda via Vallino.
Junior D/B (3,1):
1st & Res Best Bitch Platts Luna del Saratoga via Vallino (Imp). 15 month old bitch, strongly built with a good head, well balanced with a good stop and plenty of lips, good dewlap and nice eye. Good neck and nice legs with strong padded feet. Good body and balance and correct angulation, went well.
2nd CraneXXXXXXXs Pixieboo Ruby Reign.
Open D/B (4, 3):
1st & Best Bitch & Best of Breed Platts Dalnarck Druda via Vallino, good bitch of nice breed type. Pleasing head with good folds and double dewlap. Good neck, nice bone, would like better feet. Strong body and quarters, moved well both ways and in profile.
Jill Peak

Birmingham National Championship Show 10.05.07, Judge Steve Hall. BOB speight's Dalnarck Bell.
Before I start with my critique I must say a few words of congratulations to these fine exhibitors of this noble breed - firstly I can say that I have not come across such admirable sportsmanship for a very long time in any breed, but the Neo people are a credit to the dog showing public in the UK. Every class clapped, everyone congratulating each other, as I passed them on my return some two hours later they were all there, waiting to support the Best of Breed in the absolute pleasure to judge this breed.
Puppy Dog (1,1).

Junior Dog (0).

PostGraduate Dog (3,1):
1st Smith's Lesall High Flyer, a big dog that was well grown, all male head that was broad and short, deep in flews, very good body length, strong rear quarters, powerful dog that is not easy to handle, but good firm movement both going away and coming. Presented in good condition.
2nd Feeney's Rayvonley Mighty Monty, another strong male that looked the part, good in head and muscle with plenty of dewlap but not excessive, positive mover but could be stronger behind.
Open Dog (5, 3):
1st & Best Dog Bailey's Dalnarck Andrico, a very nice dog that looks the part and he is a very good producer as I see he is the sire of my BOB. Very clean cut skull nothing overdone here, very strong neck, lovely forearm, good body ratios that gave him his good balance, very positive mover in both directions, presented in good order.
2nd & Res Best Dog Cox's Rayvonley Lion, well made dog that stands well up to the top size, very masculine, large headed with a good stop, good flews, ample neck, good forequarters, correct body ratios, good in colour but would like a touch less wrinkle that would give him a smoother overlay. Good mover for a large dog.
Puppy Bitch (4,2):
1st & Best Puppy Platts Vallino Evanescence, a lovely young blue bitch that was as fresh as a daisy, very clean outline, very feminine throughout, good head that has yet to break and form, ample strong neck, very good in body, good mover and well schooled.
2nd Harris' Inisbua Asia, another very nice youngster, could have possibly won the class but unfortunately favoured her front leg and had to pay the ultimate penalty. She has lovely proportions and there was no doubting her to be female, I thought she was in excellent condition throughout and a credit to her owners. Good rear movement.
Junior Bitch (2,1):
1st Kemps' Lesall Butterfly at Mostroneo, another nice light fawn female that had a lot of qualities for all to see, at times she tended to pace, but the handler managed to correct this to her advantage, very feminine headpiece with a good stop, good flews and not overdone, clean neck and front, good body length, pleasing mover, presented in good order.
PostGraduate Bitch (5):
1st & Best Bitch & Best of Breed Speight's Dalnarck Bell, remember seeing her at Crufts in the Group, liked her then and liking her even more than ever, she is very typical of the Mastino and I feel she has not matured yet and has more to come, very well balanced throughout and looks the part, best of heads so well balanced and of first class breed type. Best of movers and in excellent condition.
2nd Evans' Dalnarck Brina at Makaevo, another very nice specimen of this breed, had everything going for her, but I thought she could have been longer in the body to give her better balance, nice headed bitch that was clean in outline, good colour and presented in first class condition.
3rd Feeney's Rayvonley Kelsey Dream.
Open Bitch (2):
1st & Res Best Bitch Platts Dalnarck Druda via Vallino, nice type all Mastino, lovely deportment, very good overlay, feminine yet strong headed bitch with good width of skull, good stop and flews, just enough neck, firm body with good ratios which made for good balance, positive mover in both directions, very well presented.
2nd Smith's Lesall Norma Jean, light fawn bitch that needs to tighten a little more to gain her a higher placing, but very feminine both in head and body, presented in good clean order, moved with purpose.
Steve Hall

Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show 18.05.07, Judge John Rischmiller. BOB Evans' Dalnarck Brina at Makaevo.
Junior D/B (2):
1st & Best Dog McGonigals Salem Dello Stradone Vesuviano, promising young dog of good proportions, typical head, correct stop and well set eyes, moved freely.
2nd Platts Vallino Evanescence, 6 month old bitch, well boned and strongly built at this stage, nice expression, good head type attractive, should do well in the future.
PostGraduate D/B (5,2):
1st & Best Bitch & Best of Breed Evans' Dalnarck Brina at Makaevo, well boned well balanced bitch, broad short skull, broad muzzle, short muscular neck. moved steady covering the ground well.
2nd McGonigal's Primiero Trinity, older bitch, good head type, well defined stop, would prefer smaller ears, well muscled rear quarters, movement slow but covered the ground well.
3rd McGonigal's Gabriella Dello Stradone.
Open Dog (0).
Open Bitch (3):
1st & Res Best Bitch Platts Dalnarck Druda via Vallino, well made bitch, muscular and well balanced, good head proportions, well defined stop, movement OK.
2nd McGonigal's Primiero Trinity.
3rd McGonigal's Gabriella Dello Stradone.
John Rischmiller

Blackpool Championship Show 24.06.07 Judge Linda Wade. BOB Speight's Dalnarck Bell.
I thank these courteous exhibitors for entering under me and admire their obvious dedication and collaboration in producing such quality Mastini. All an absolute credit to their owners. The youngsters delightful and adults dignified.
Puppy Dog (1):
1st Treloar's Treloarneo Constantino, 11 months, mid size, pleasing head for age with good eyes, wrinkle, dewlap and expression. Skull a little round at present. Good bone and body developing on the right lines. Moved out easily on good feet.
Limit Dog (1):
1st & Best Dog Smith's Lesall High FLyer, powerful very masculine large boned dog with strong head, good planes, dewlap and wrinkle, not over done. Deep bodied, well ribbed and moved fluidly on strong pasterns and well angulated quarters.
Open Dog (3,2):
1st & Res Best Dog Cullen's Dalnarck Drago, another masculine substantial male. Flat skull, excellent eyes, good wrinkle and dewlap. Broad but slightly shorter muzzle. Good body proportions and skin. Moved well, great character, very close decision for BD.
Puppy Bitch (2):
1st & Best Puppy Platts Vallino Evanescence, 8 months, high class and feminine with substance. Good Head proportions, parallel lines, wrinkle, dewlap and eyes, lovely expression. Body length/depth good. Bold and very sound. Exciting prospect.
2nd Bennett's Faynad Parola, 8 months, less developed than 1st. Good skull and ears, just lacks head furnishings at present. Straight forelimbs and good feet and rear angulation. Sound.
Junior Bitch (1):
1st Kemp's Lesall Butterfly at Mostroneo, Feminine medium sized bitch with pleasing head, good stop, flews and earset. Well bodied with good depth and topline for age. Feet rather flat.
PostGraduate Bitch (4,1):
1st & Res Best Bitch Speight's Lolas Northern Star, Honest well constructed with balanced head. Flat skull, good wrinkle, dewlap, earset. Kindest expression, straight forelegs on good feet. Well muscled and sound.
2nd Evans' Dalnarck Brina at Makaevo, Another representative bitch with good bone and body depth and topline. Good head planes and wrinkle, plenty of dewlap, just long enough in body. Preferred the overall balance of 1st.
3rd Kemp's Dalesneo Dolce Vita at Mostroneo, rather nice type standing with deep body, good bone and nice head,. Just a pity that her rear movement let her down on the day.
Limit Bitch (1):
1st & Best Bitch & Best of Breed Speight's Dalnarck Bell, Beautifully balanced bitch. Excellent typical head with flat skull, parallelism and wrinkle. Not overdone, she has substance without being course. Lovely straight forearms and pasterns. Firm spine and strong quarters. In very good condition and moved out well. The icing on the cake is her regal bearing both standing and moving.
Open Bitch (2):
1st Platts Dalnarck Druda via Vallino, very typy, excellent construction and bone. Angles fore and aft good. Her head is strong with flat skull and deeply defined wrinkles. Nose a little short. Another in excellent condition, moved well.
2nd Smith's Lesall Norma Jean, very feminine medium boned. Pleasing head and expression, could do with a little more definition. Good body properties and angulation. Well presented and free sound mover.
Linda Wade

South Wales Championship Show 18.07.07, Judge Kim Lathaen. BOB Evans' Dalnarck Brina at Makaevo.
Junior Bitch (3,1):
1st & Best Puppy Platts Vallino Evanescence, 8 months, very mature for her age. Excellent bredth of head. Wrinkle well developed for age. Good length of shoulder and broad chest. Free flowing movement.
2nd Crane's Pixieboo Ruby Reign, 13 months, beautiful head and expression, with ears set high. Good muscle throughout, well sprung rib. Preferred movement of 1st.
PostGraduate Bitch (3):
1st & Best Bitch & Best of Breed Evans' Dalnarck Brina at Makaevo, lovely topline, strong well muscled neck. Straight front, good shoulders. A very feminine bitch with plenty of loose skin but not overdone. She stood out in all aspects this day for BOB.
2nd Speight's Lolas Northern Star, excellent head, square muzzle, well defined stop. Clean bright eyes. 1st for me had the edge on topline and movement.
3rd Jones' Ladymiss Bluebell.
Open Bitch (3,1):
1st & Res Best Bitch Speight's Dalnarck Bell, a mature bitch, large head, good broad muzzle, well defined stop, good flews. Excellent bone throughout, strong hindquarters with good angulation and plenty of drive. Decision could be reversed on another occasion.
Kim Lathaen

National Working & Pastoral Breeds Championship Show 14.07.07, Judge Vic Salt. BOB Cox's Rayvonley Lion.
PostGraduate D/B (3):
1st Speight's Lolas Northern Star, 20 months well grown bitch in nice condition. Good skull and muzzle. Nice eye, stocky neck, good shoulders. Good chest for age. Sound temperament. Moved well.
2nd & Best Puppy Platts Vallino Evanescence, young bitch in lovely condition. Good head planes, eye a little loose. Nice body and level topline. Tail carried well on the move. Moved freely.
Open Dog (2):
1st & Best Dog & Best of Breed Cox's Rayvonley Lion, quality dog with good head planes. Short neck, good shoulders and chest. Strong topline. Stands well behind. Moved well.
2nd & Res Best Dog McGonigle's Salem Dello Stradone Vesuviano, young dog who has yet to develop. Nice head planes. Sound temperament, moved well for age.
Open Bitch (4):
1st & Best Bitch Bailey's Dalnarck Bambi, 2 year old bitch with a well proportioned head. Good parellels, nice eye. Good front and depth of chest. Firm topline. Good rear angulation, moved really well.
2nd & Res Best Bitch Speight's Dalnarck Bell, another nice bitch with good head and eye. Straight front, right amount of neck. Good topline. Stands well behind. Moved steadily.
3rd Platts Dalnarck Druda via Vallino.
Vic Salt

East of England Championship Show 19.07.07, Judge Chris Thomas. BOB Speight's Dalnarck Bell.
In the 8 years plus I have judged this breed I have seen a gradual improvement not only with regard to uniformity of type but also temperament. All of todays exhibits were more than happy to be examined by a total stranger, which is of course, as it should be.
Puppy Dog (0).
Junior Dog (1):
1st McGonigals Salem Dello Stradone Vesuviano, strong broad skull and short muzzle which is well padded. Nice shoulder and good bone but let down by rather splayed feet. Good length and depth of rib but tending to roach his topline a little, especially on the move. Nice hind angulation.
PostGraduate Dog (1,1).

Open Dog (2):
1st & Best Dog Bailey's Dalnarck Andrico, very typical well balanced head with clear well placed eyes and enough work without appearing overdone. Correct double dewlap although perhaps a little heavy. Body of correct shape with ample depth and length of rib. Plenty of substance throughout with a well made hindquarter.
2nd & Res Best Dog Cox's Rayvonley Lion, heavier type with a strong head which is nicely balanced but eyes let him down. Good mouth with muzzle of ample depth. Plenty of bone although could be a little stronger in front. Pleasing body shape and strong backend.
Puppy Bitch (3,1):
1st & Best Puppy Berry's Drosdelnoch's Lady Jade, lovely 8 month old of super quality. Flat broad skull with good earset and carriage. Just the right length of muzzle and good dentition. Correct double dewlap giving that characteristic head shape. Plenty of depth to her rib which has spring and length. She has depth of body giving a lovely underline leading to a strong backend with enough turn of stifle and short strong hocks. Moved well.
2nd Platts Vallino Evanescence, another cracking puppy and although at the moment she is slightly longer in muzzle than 1st, her head has an unmistakeable look of quality. Lovely shoulders into a front of ample bone down to good feet. Nice topline and well made croup with slight slope and correct tailset. Overall super body shape. Moved freely.
Junior Bitch (0).

PostGraduate Bitch (4,2):
1st Baileys Dalnarck Bambi, strong head with a short muzzle and good dentition. Plenty of depth to body and heavily boned front with good feet. Nicely made backend.
2nd Speight's Lolas Northern Star, not quite the strength of head as 1st which would benefit from a little more work. Lovely front and shoulder but not quite the angulation through the hindquarter.
Open Bitch (4,1):
1st & Best Bitch & Best of Breed Speight's Dalnarck Bell, lovely example of the breed. Broad short flat skull with high earset and good width between. Square muzzle of correct length and depth with perfect dentition and flews deep and thick. Plenty of dewlap and loose skin over head and entire body. Enough neck into level topline with required depth and spring of rib. Well made from fore and aft with typical movement.
2nd & Res Best Bitch Platts Dalnarck Druda via Vallino, slightly different head type to 1st but much to like. Good skull and short muzzle with strong jaw. Nice bodyshape overall with excellent bone but a slightly firmer topline would complete the picture. Another from the top drawer. Moved well.
3rd Evans' Dalnarck Brina at Makaevo.
Chris Thomas

Leeds Championship Show 23.07.07, Judge Cindy Preston. BOB Cox's Rayvonley Lion.
I would like to say that I was extremely pleased and proud to be asked & accept my Leeds appointment. Thank you to all who entered and exhibited, it appeared to me the ringside was friendly and positive. The quality of the dogs has improved greatly in the time that I have been in our chosen breed and it was a pleasure to have the opportunity to go over these quality dogs. I have travelled extensively to kennels and shows overseas to gain as much information as I can. As you all know, or should do, the Mastino gait is completely different at a walk, in order to judge this breed it is imperative that you see this and give each dog the time it needs. Most exhibitors could understand what was required but there still were a few who did not do their dogs justice in the ring and this I have to say affected the placing.
Puppy Dog (2,2).

Junior Dog (1):
1st McGonigals Salem Dello Stradone Vesuviano, lovely head and expression, great body, moved well, good topline and V muzzle deep and square. Feet need to tighten up, much more to come from this dog.
PostGraduate Dog (1):
1st & Res Best Dog Smith's Lesall High Flyer, very strong dog in very good condition, good bone and length of body, strong rear quarters, very good movement, very muscular dog.
Open Dog (2):
1st & Best Dog & Best of Breed Cox's Rayvonley Lion, correct head and expression with correct stop, very masculine, good length of bodyline of body parallel to topline. Broad chest, good bone, very good on the move.
2nd Walker-Brooks' Janineo's Centurion Del Tuscaneo, not as big as 1st a very impressive dog, strong neck, head in proportion to the rest of him, good bone and angulation moved well.
Puppy Bitch (3,2):
1st & Best Puppy Platts Vallino Evanescence, a lovely young girl very feminine, good topline with good bone, lovely expression, moved well, so much more to come from this baby. I was so impressed with this young lady she did everything that her handler asked of her, well done to both.
Junior Bitch (0).

PostGraduate Bitch (5,2):
1st & Res Best Bitch Bailey's Dalnarck Bambi. loved this bitch, just lost out to her litter sister in bitch line up, fantastic mover went round the ring as if she owned it. Good topline and length of body, good bone and angulation, lovely tight feet.
2nd Speight's Lolas Northern Star, lovely condition, good topline and length of body and angulation, lovely expression, plenty of bone.
3rd Kemp's Kenmilix Lusia at Mostroneo.
Open Bitch (7,4):
1st & Best Bitch Speight's Dalnarck Bell, great head and expression, big boned, sound construction, good movement, good substance and angulation.
2nd Evans' Dalnarck Brina at Makaevo, litter sister to 1st, good topline and angulation, lovely tight feet, very feminine bitch in good condition.
3rd Kemps' Kenmilix Lusia at Mostroneo.
Cindy Preston

Richmond Championship Show 08.09.07, Judge Pamela Jean-Brown. BOB Bailey's Dalnarck Bambi.
Veteran D/B (0).

Puppy D/B (4):
1st & Best Puppy & Res Best Bitch. Platts Vallino Evanescence, a very composed young lady who showed real poise. Excellent construction and balance, classical head proportions viewed from any angle. Superb wrinkle and typical expression of rather lofty indifference. Good bone and strong quarters. Moved out with drive and purpose. A very impressive youngster.
2nd Bailey's Dalnarck Enigma, still very much a baby but with a lot of ring presence. Excellent bone for his size. Very good head proportions and expression. Everything is there at this stage but it all need to mature. He has time on his side and looks very promising. Moved out very well.
3rd Evans' Dalnarck Ercole at Makaevo.
PostGraduate D/B (2):
1st & Best Bitch & Best of Breed Bailey's Dalnarck Bambi, what a pleasure to go over a bitch of such quality! Well balanced with excellent bone for her size. Excellent head proportions with superbly placed wrinkle giving her such a sweet expression. Body construction is really good with pleasing spring of rib. Correct length of back and superb topline which she retains well on the move. Powerful quarters and the most wonderful feet I have seen in this breed for years. No wonder she is such an easy mover who flows around the ring exuding power and grace. She did the breed proud in the big ring as well. A beautiful and very worthy BOB.
Open Dog (2): 1st & Best Dog Cox's Rayvonley Lion, I have always like this boy although as he has matured, for me he is only a fraction away from being over-typed. Amazing head with so much to take on board he must confound some judges! The wrinkle is perfect, the expression so typical of a mature male but in no way threatening, the ear carridge very good and the muzzle broad and deep. Excellent bone for his size. Lean body which proves that a male can look impressive without being obese. He is quite rangy and his rear movement will never be his fortune but like all athletes he really needs to warm up before running and he settled down to a steady stride once he got going.
2nd & Res Best Dog Bailey's Dalnarck Andrico, a very well balanced and more compact male who does not have quite the same stature as 1st but equals him in quality. Well constructed dog of pleasing proportions. Lovely head type and excellent expression. Excellent ear carridge and good wrinkle. Good bone for his size. Excellent quarters and a very powerful steady mover. I see that he sired my BOB and the family characteristics are all there in both males and females. An excellent example of this ancient breed.
Open Bitch (3,3).
Pamela Jeans-Brown

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