Champ and open show critiques and results 2008

Championship Show Results & Critiques 2008
Crufts Championship Show 08.03.08 - Judge Bryn Cadogan.
BOB Speight's Dalnarck Bell
Bryn Cadogan writes: I enjoyed my time with the Neapolitan Mastiffs even with the delayed start of 1& 3/4 hours. I was disappointed in mouths, not only the bite but generally small teeth, I was impressed with the overall soundness & temperaments & sportsmanship of the owners, they certainly set a good example and I thank them for such a good entry.
VD (2,1):
1st Bucknall's Blue Lagoon, an old favourite of mine, now at 9 & still looking the part & enjoying his day, in good shape if a little stiff in front movement.
JD (3):
1st & Best Puppy, Slater & Mafi's Sancho De Azzurra, most promising youngster, all male, liked his head, good bite, strong bone with good front & feet. Needs to drop a little in body. Good topline with enough angulation behind, moved soundly with low lopping gate, very typy.
2nd Evan's Dalnarck Ercole at Makaevo, another who pleased in head, dewlap & wrinkle, good front, just needs to develop a bit more in body and settle on the move, but when he came together he moved soundly.
3rd Sharps Faynad Possesso, similar in type to 2, not quite as mature but has all the basics, just looking a little leggy as yet, should do well with maturity.
PGD (3,1):
1st Smith's Lesall High Flyer, pleasing head but could do with being a touch shorter in muzzle, good front & bone, nice body depth & well ribbed up, quarters good as was his topline & movement.
2nd Lees Janineo The Don of Tannick, liked his head, body & overall balance. Rather weak in pasterns which spoilt his front movement & did not settle.
OD (6, 2):
1st & Best Dog, Stoffers-McAllister's Conan-Bizzaro V Claristo's Pride, good head & bite, good dewlap & wrinkle, scores in front & feet, ample body of good size & balance, good quarters & strong loin, moved out soundly with typical gait.
2nd & Reserve Best Dog, Cox's Rayvonley Lion, slightly bigger model to 1 but well balanced with impressive head, good bone, just preferred the front of 1, body of good width & depth, powerful movement.
3rd Cullen's Dalnarck Drago, quality male who I liked very much, pleased in head & moved out well. Not quite as mature as 1 but close up.
Res Greben's LT/LV/EST Kaprys Molosos Grabowski.
VB (0).
JB (6,1):
Platts Vallino Evanescence, liked this youngster very much, strong feminine head, lovely front, bone & feet, bodying up well, strong loin & enough angulation behind, moved out very well & featured strongly in the challenge.
2nd Lloyd & Greenwood's Dalnarck Electra, a quality bitch who pleased very much & ran 1 very close. Marginally preferred the head of 1, but having said that was splitting hairs, should do very well.
3rd Bailey's Dalnarck Enigma, pleased for overall quality. Not quite as well bodied as 1. Good front, topline & movement.
Res Bennett's Faynad Parola.
Vhc South's Funny Seporionato (Imp CZE)
PGB (13, 6):
1st Slater's Dalnarck Beau, big girl substantially made but in complete balance, liked her head, bone & feet, well bodied, strong loin, quarters good & her movement was typical & sound.
2nd Van Doremalen's Toscana De Casa Ivan, well balanced, well shaped head, good dewlap & wrinkle, strong bone & well padded feet, well ribbed up & good topline, muscled quarters which gave her powerful movement, a little more compact than 1.
3rd Bailey's Moonshine Unique & Magnificent at Dalnarck, well made substantial bitch who impressed in head & balance. Not quite as positive on the move as 1.
Res Dalnarck Brina at Makaevo.
Vhc Berry's Drosdelnoch's Lady Jade.
OB (5, 1):
1st & Best Bitch & Best Of Breed, Speight's Dalnarck Bell, what a super bitch straight out of the top drawer, scores in head, good front & bone, well bodied, in complete balance & sound typical movement, could not see past her for the BB & BOB.
2nd & Reserve Best Bitch, Bailey's Dalnarck Bambi, litter sister to 1, very much in the same mould & same remarks apply, splitting hairs just preferred the bite of 1, but close up.
3rd Haag's Int Ch Minerva De Azzurra, substantial, pleased in head & body, good bone & overall balance. Not moving as positive as 2.
Res Berry's Drosdelnoch's Ice Queen.
Bryn Cadogan

Wath & West Melton & District Canine Society Open show 01.03.08. Judge Sean Platts.

Sean writes: First I must apologize for the lateness of my critiques, I would like to thank all the exhibitors for their support for the breed, which is a must if we are to keep breed classes at both champ & open shows up and down the country.
Puppy dog\bitch 3 entries - 3 absent.
Junior dog\bitch 3 entries - 3 absent.
Post grad dog\bitch 4 entries -4 absent
Open dog\bitch 3 entries:
1st & Best of Breed: Cullen's Dalnarck Drago, I love this male very masculine head with a good expression, very good bite, nice clean eyes set well apart, very good feet, excellent bone, good topline, movement Ok.
2nd Bailey's Dalnarck Bambi, very good female of correct height, good clean expression with good clean eyes, good bite and good ear carriage, good length of body with correct bone, shown in good condition.
3rd Speight's Dalnarck Bell, good female shown in good condition and handled well,clean eyes & good bite, good topline, good movement, nice feet, just a little taller than my 2nd place.
Sean Platts

Lichfield Canine Society Open show on 26.01.08. Judge Brian Hill.
Brian writes:
Puppy D/B (2):
1st & Best Puppy Evans's Rayvonley Roman. Nice 8 months bitch. Lovely well proportioned head, good dewlap but not excessive. Nice overall outline and size, level top and bottom line, moved well. 2nd Cox's Rayvonley Tonino.
Post Graduate D/B (5,1):
1st & Best of Breed Cox's Mirtisca del Bengasche of Rayvonley. Outstanding young bitch presenting a superb outline when standing. Absolutely fabulous feminine head, probably the best I have had the opportunity to judge. Overall excelled in all physical areas, nothing really excessive. Better handling would enable her to move better. 2nd & Res Best of Breed Platts Vallino Evanescence.
Open D/B (5,3):
1st Cox's Rayvonley Lion. Very heavy dog. Good masculine head but with excessive dewlap. Movement only OK but more enthusiastic than 2nd to show. 2nd Cullen's Dalnarck Drago.
Brian Hill

South Wales Champ show on 06.07.08. Judge Janet Gunn.

Janet writes: I would like to thank the SWKA committee for inviting me to judge a breed in which I have a particular interest and also to thank the exhibitors who were good enough to brave the elements to attend the show. Although only small in number, all present were worthy representatives of the breed and it was my pleasure to assess them.
Junior Dog (1).
1st Evans dalnarck Ercole at Makaevo. Impressive youngster of 17 months. Great substance all through with excellent bone. Strong straight front with good feet. Good angulation with firm hocks. Typical outline. Head developing well. Excellent mouth. Moved with powerful ease. A little out of coat. Give him another 12 months and he'll trouble the best. Very promising. Stood alone but a worthy Best Dog.
Post Graduate Dog (0).
Open Dog (1,1).
Junior Bitch (1).
1st Greenwood & Lloyds Dalnarck Electra. Litter sister to BD and the same remarks apply, whilst retaining her feminity. Head needs to develop but sufficient for her age. Her overall substance and correct proportions are already evident. Excellent showgirl and sound and active on the move. A very good prospect. Res Best Bitch.
Post Graduate Bitch (2,2).
Open Bitch (3,2).
1st Speight's Dalnarck Bell of Belkeiminter. 3 year old bitch in her prime. Superb breed type. The strongest of heads with flat skull and neat ears, giving alert expression. Excellent mouth. Correct width and depth of muzzle with pronounced well padded flews and double dewlap. Terrific substance enhancing correct outline. Strong front with good feet. Good rear angulation with strong hocks. Moved typically and with great agility. Presented in first class order. Best Bitch & BOB.
Janet Gunn

National Working & Pastoral Breeds Society Champ Show 12.07.08. Judge Rodney Oldham,
1st McGonigles Morgana Dello Stradone Vesuviano, brindle, head fairly well proportioned, prefer touch more definition to stop, depth to muzzle with good mouth and pigmentation, decent front assembly and well boned to good feet, depth to brisket and ribs well sprung, tidy topline, some definition to quarters, true reachy mover who showed to advantage, BP.
2nd Cox Rayvonley Uno, blue, proportioned head and scored here in stop, long gently sloping shoulders, ribs fairly well sprung for age, topline could be firmer, fairly free mover.
1st Evans Dalnarck Ercole at Makaevo, blue in between coats but in good muscular form, impressive quality head combining width through with depth to muzzle, well balanced in outline with good front well boned, ribs well sprung and carried back, firm topline and loin and tail set low, some definition to second thigh, easy mover, well deserved BOB.
2nd Cox Rayvonley Tonino, well grown blue of substance with very typical expression, fair front, well ribbed up, topline could be firmer, sound rear but lacked muscle tone, steady mover.
1st Cox Rayvonley Lion, blue, large headed with plenty of work in it, correct one third muzzle with depth through, strong shoulder & rib, very good topline, needs more definition to hindquarters, free mover, RBD.
1st Cox Mirtisca Del Bengasche of Rayvonley, hefty blue who scored here in more typical head properties, has strength plus fair depth to muzzle, good expression, front could be stronger, well grown and balanced, fair spring of rib, good topline & tailset, could use more muscle to advantage, BB.
2nd Greenwood & Lloyds Dalnarck Electra, very soundly constructed with good fore and hindquarters, well sprung ribs with firm level topline, overshadowed here in head properties, tidy mover.
Rodney Oldham

Leeds Champ show 26.07.08. Judge Juliette Cunliffe
Juliette writes:
PD (2,1):
1st Berry's Drosdelnoch's Mystic Warrior, 8 month old dark brindle with good head planes and correct proportions. Level bite of evenly placed teeth. Good body for his age with bodyline parallel to topline. Super shoulder and upper arm. Moved soundly, as I would expect from his good construction. Only a youngster, but showing plenty of promise. Best Dog, Best of Breed, Best Puppy in Breed.
JD (2,1):
1st Evans's Dalnarck Ercole at Makaevo, 17 mth grey with head just beginning to reach maturity. I would not like his muzzle any longer but he has a good eye shape and scissor bite. Good ribbing and sound loin, but topline could be better. Fairly good front assembly but hind movement rather too stilted. Reserve Best Dog. PGD (0). OD (3,3).
PB (1,1).
JB (1):
1st Greenwood & Lloyd's Dalnarck Electra, stood alone and had lots of quality, but her bite was disappointing. Good ear placement, very pleasing eye and correct skull shape. Topline held well with good underline and sufficient bone for a bitch. Moved as well as could be expected in these hot conditions. Best Bitch.
PGB (4,3): 1st Bennett's Faynad Parola, super breadth of skull and well placed ear. Scissor bite, but teeth could be more evenly placed. Correctly shaped eye and adequate wrinkle, without excess. Unfortunately she did not move soundly due to limp.
OB (3,1):
1st Berry's Drosdelnoch's Lady Jade, my winner at almost 2 years, had a healthy clean eye of correct shape. Good lip shape and correct ear. Sufficient bone for a bitch. Well assembled forehand and good underline. Res Best Bitch.
2nd Speight's Dalnarck Bell of Belkeiminter, this 2 year old scored on topline, but head qualities a little too excessive, resulting in eyes which should have been cleaner. Did not put her all into her movement.
Juliette Cunliffe

Wath & West Melton Open show on the 23.08.08. Judge Pearl Chadwick.
Pearl writes: I have watched and admired this breed for many years and through selective breeding I have seen them improve greatly. I wish you all continued success as you strive for your best Neapolitan Mastiff. I was only sorry I didn't have the chance to go over more:
Puppy D/B (1):
1st & Best Puppy & Best Of Breed, Brindle bitch at her first show. Good size and bone. Good reach of neck. Deep chest and good length of body. Head rather plain at the moment still to develop. Moved well. Nothing fazed her.
Post Grad D/B (2,2).
Open D/B (1,1).
Pearl Chadwick

Richmond Champ show on the 06.09.08, Judge Barry Blunden
Barry writes:
V D/B (0).
PG D (2,1):
1st & Best Dog & Best Opposite Sex, Cox's Rayvonley Tonino, 17 month old grey dog well up to size. Good sized head of correct proportions with sufficient wrinkle. Deep square muzzle. Good mouth with strong jaw. Good bone with well developed muscle on shoulders. Good length of body, but the top-line spoilt the overall impression of the dog. Moderate rear angulation and broad croup. Wide, thick rooted tail carried correctly. Moved with drive.
Open D (1,1).
PGB (2,1):
1st & Best Bitch & Best of Breed, Cox's Rayvonley Uno, 12 month old bitch of good size. Good strong head but still feminine. Broad skull with good ear set. Correct proportions to skull with square muzzle. Sufficient wrinkle. Good mouth. Short stocky neck with slight arch. Good shoulders. Correct length of body proportions. Broad chest with depth reaching elbows. Well sprung ribs and straight top-line. Broad at loins with well developed muscle. Long thighs with moderate stifle. Nice feet. Good tail set with tail carried correctly on the move. Moved typical for the breed with strong drive from the hindquarters and good front extension.
Open B (3,3).

Barry Blunden

Darlington Champ show 13.09.08. Judge Peter Bailey.
Peter writes:
Veteran Dog / Bitch (1,1).
Puppy Dog (2):
1st was Speight's Belkeiminter Marquinn a good start, a young male with correct appearance well boned strongly built, head large and broad and short skull good flews, eyes and ears good, mouth and teeth good, neck short and stocky with the required dewlap, shoulders long developing well, body good broad and muscular, oval feet, temperament good, he moved well.
2nd was Kadic's Drosdelnoch's Alganon, a very sound pleasing puppy, good head and skull, eyes set forward and well apart giving a good expression, a good size, body shape was very good, he moved well and again a male with a good temperament.
Junior Dog (1):
1st was Cox's Rayvonley Tonino, a 17 month old male with the correct characteristics of the breed with a degree of loose fitting skin over body and head, a nice dewlap, he has a very good head with eyes and ears well placed, a good stocky neck, overall body shape and profile of angulations are good, legs and feet are correct, gait and movement was slow and free, a very good example.
Post Graduate Dog (1,1).
Limit Dog (1):
1st & Best Dog was Sharp's Faynad Possesso, my notes say a first class male, he was in great coat and condition, he has a very good head with a large broad short skull, well pronounced stop, large nose with opened nostrils, lips full and heavy, upper lip resembling that inverted V, good flues. Neck short and stocky, body has a broad well muscled chest, front and rear constructions are good, legs and feet are correct, his movement was slow free and bear like, all in all a very good example.
Open Dog (3, 2):
1st & Reserve Best Dog was Cullen's Dalnarck Drago, a good sound 4 year old, again best of head patterns, good dewlap, flews good, eyes and ears good, mouth and bite very good, he has a good developed size, overall appearance well boned and strongly built, oval feet nails curved and strong, tail was good, he moved as the standard requires, a very striking example.
Puppy Bitch (2):
1st & Best Puppy in Breed was the litter sister to the puppy dog winner, Speight's Belkeiminter Amaretti, a quite lovely headed bitch with what I consider a cheeky expression, lovely balanced skull and muzzle, eyes are lovely, she has nice flews, has a good dewlap, mouth and teeth are good, she has a good neck, body shape is correct, she was in good coat and condition, temperament outstanding, movement was very sound, on the challenge for best puppy I just preferred her head expression over her brother, two good ones here well done to the breeder.
2nd was McTigue's Tassani's Mattia Battistini, a very pleasing puppy lovely to handle, sound on the move, she has a lovely temperament, head pattern good, she has a well developed outline, moved well and was well presented.
Junior Bitch (2):
1st was Carlin's Italia Del Gheno (Imp), I really liked this one, in lovely coat and condition, has that degree of loose fitting coat over body and head dewlap is correct, she has the appearance of well boned large and strongly built style about her, head is correct with the required attributes, good flews, neck short and stocky, her forequarters and hindquarters are good, good oval feet and good nails, her movement was correct, temperament was first class.
2nd Cox's Rayvonley Uno, again a sound bitch with all the correct breed attributes, nice balanced body shape, good tail, legs and feet very good, she has a very pleasing head that fitted the standard, her movement was very sound.
Post Graduate Bitch (4):
1st 1st was Carlin's Italia Del Gheno (Imp). 2nd was Evans Dalnarck Brina at Makaevo, a 3 year old bitch with good overall balanced make and shape, her head is good with the required skull and muzzle flews, teeth and jaws are good, she was very sound on the move, in very good condition.
Limit Bitch (3):
1st & Reserve Best Bitch was Sharp's Drosdelnoch's Chrystal Maid, a good bitch with the best of conditions and temperaments, she was very sound on the move, her head pattern was correct lovely expression this bitch has, legs and feet are good, she has the breed specific loose skin on head and body, she was good to handle one with a lot to like.
2nd Evans Dalnarck Brina at Makaevo. 3rd was Bennett's Faynad Parola.
Open Bitch (2):
1st & Best Bitch & Best of Breed, here I had what I was looking for in the perfect breed type example she was Bailey's Dalnarck Bambi, great stylish 3 year old with the perfect breed head, large and broad with the short skull, good stop. large nose with open nostrils, full and heavy lips, upper lip resembling the inverted V shape, eyes were set correctly, as were the ears, mouth good with the correct bite, neck was short stocky and muscular, her forequarters and hindquarters very good, body shape good with a well muscled chest, croup broad and muscular, oval feet with good nails, tail set was good, her movement was the best I have seen in this breed slow bear like long steps, I was pleased to see her put on a good show in the Working Group later in the day, well done.
2nd was Sharp's Drosdelnoch's Chrystal Maid.
Peter Bailey

Working & Pastoral Breeds Association of Scotland Champ show on the 02.11.08. Judge Pamela Jeans-Brown.
Pamela writes: I was delighted with the number of Mastini who travelled to Scotland and impressed by the quality of all the exhibits. Movement and temperaments were excellent.
1st & BPD Speights Belkeiminter Marquinn, 7 month-old grey baby, beautifully balanced at this stage in his development. Good head proportions, excellent wrinkle, typical expression. Good body outline, excellent bone for his size. Steadier in movement than 2nd today. Very promising youngster. 2nd Platts Brigante, Very eye catching slightly older black boy who is beginning to become adolescent and consequently has just lost that perfect balance for the moment. Excellent body proportions, chest developing nicely, excellent bone, good topline. Good broad square skull and muzzle, rather dry at present. Moved well once settled. One to watch.
1st & BD & BOB Evans's Dalnarck Ercole at Makaevo. I have watched this boy's progress with interest. Well balanced, fit and agile dog. Excellent head proportions, correct wrinkle without being over done. Typical expression, good ear carriage, excellent reach of neck, strong topline retained on the move, chest developing well. Good bone for size. Good strong feet, something of a rarity in this breed. Well muscled quarters. Moved with drive and extension both here and in the Group ring. Excellent temperament.
1st & RBD Cox's Rayvonley Lion. I know that he would be highly regarded among Mastini experts throughout the world but as he has got older he has become a little too over-typed for my personal taste. Dog with enormous qualities. Broad skull, rather short foreface, amazing wrinkle and enormous dewlap. Good body frame and strong bone. Quarters could be a little more muscled but he covered the ground well once he got going, in that extraordinarily ungainly gait which is so typical of the Mastini. Wonderful temperament.
1st & BPB & BP Berry's Drosdelnoch's Rutaskardi. Well balanced bitch with excellent bone for her size. Super head and expression with good wrinkle. Good ear carriage when she wanted. Chest developing well, strong quarters, good angulation. Excellent movement with power and drive. 2nd Cox's Rayvonley Uno, Bitch with lovely body and balance. Good bone, excellent quarters, moved well, super head proportions with broad skull and good wrinkle. I would have preferred a little less haw but typical expression. Interested in everything. 3rd Speights Belkeiminter Amaretti.
1st & BPB & BP Berry's Drosdelnoch's Rutaskardi. Well balanced bitch with excellent bone for her size. Super head and expression with good wrinkle. Good ear carriage when she wanted. Chest developing well, strong quarters, good angulation. Excellent movement with power and drive. 2nd Speight's Lolas Northern Star of Belkeiminter, Mature bitch with good bone. Excellent balanced body and strong quarters. Pleasing head with good proportions but seemed a trifle small for her body which spoiled the overall outline. Moved well and with purpose. 3rd Cox's Mirtisca Del Bengashe of Rayvonley.
1st & BB Bailey's Dalnarck Bambi. I have always liked this bitch. Everything about her is correct and she really is understated compared with many others. Well balanced with excellent bone for her size. Super head proportions with square broad skull and great breadth of muzzle. Wonderful wrinkle and typical charming expression. Body is strong but feminine, well let down with excellent topline retained on the move. Good feet and excellent movement. Discovered she is mother to my BOB and sister to 2nd in Open Bitch so she is breeding to type. 2nd & RBB Speight's Dalnarck Bell of Belkeiminter. Amazing head and wrinkle, now possibly verging on the over-type as she grows older. Muzzle appears narrow because of quantity of wrinkle and dewlap. Good body proportions and excellent bone. Strong feet. Good movement but slightly less powerful than her sister.
Pamela Jeans-Brown

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