Champ and open show critiques and results 2009

Championship Show Results & Critiques 2009
Boston & District Canine Society Championship Show 10.01.09. Judge: Patricia Clayton.
Any Variety Working Not Separately Classified (AVWNSC)
Puppy D (3,1):
1st Platts Cinciripini's Foo Fighter via Vallino (IMP USA)

Manchester Dog Show Society Championship Show 16.01.09. Judge: Eleanor Bothwell.
Any Variety Working Not Separately Classified (AVWNSC)
Puppy D (1):
1st Platts Cinciripini's Foo Fighter via Vallino (IMP USA)

Lichfield & District Canine Society Open show 31.01.09. Judge: Angela Dunkley (Bodrugen)
Puppy D/B (7,3):
1st & BP & RBOB Evans' Makaevo Orsola, promising baby, typical head showing nicely defined stop and correct muzzle, ample depth of flews and dewlap for age, chest broad and deep, strongly boned forelegs and compact feet, strong topline, well boned, moderately angled hindquarters. She moved out well, her hind movement could have been a little more positive but I did not consider this a fault as she is so young and will strengthen with age.
2nd Evans' Makaevo Alfonsina. 3rd Evans' Dalnarck Giuliana at Makaevo. Res Moon & Hadley's Mostroneo's Bakari.
Post Graduate D/B (4,2):
1st Evans' Makaevo Alfonsina, sister to previous class winner. A little stronger in head, really well off for bone and substance. To be critical, I would have preferred a bit more length to body, but at this age they change day by day. 2nd Cox's Rayvonley Uno.
Open D/B (2,1):
1st & BOB Cox's Triana de Azzurra of Rayvonley, Quality female, admired her overall type and sound construction. Head broad showing well defined stop and lovely deep muzzle. Flews well developed, prominent dewlap, short strong neck leading into good shoulders, super body length and firm topline complemented by parallel underline, powerful hindquarters, excelled in bone & substance, loved her long, ground covering action. Disappointed not to see her in the Group.
Angela Dunkley

Isle of Ely Canine Society Open Show 07.02.09. Judge: Jackie Critoph (Famrise)
One of my favourite breeds. I was impressed overall but felt that ear sets could be improved upon. For me they were not set high enough on some exhibits.
Junior D/B (4,2a):
Two very nice puppies and I was impressed with my 2nd placed bitch but unfortunately she was intermittently lame on the day. 1st & BP & Reserve Best of Breed, Cox's Rayvonley Giada, 9 months old brindle bitch, good depth throughout but still needs to develop in head especially in skull and across cheeks. Good earset on this one. Nice level topline and good turn of stifle. Moved well for a youngster. 2nd Evans' Makaevo Orsola.
Post Graduate D/B (4,1a):
1st Bailey's Dalnarck Enigma, an extremely well developed bitch that there was a lot to like about. Lovely broad head, good depth of chest, nice spring of rib. Muscular neck into good shoulder line, good length but movement needs to be improved upon, lacked drive. 2nd Evans' Dalnarck Brina at Makaevo. 3rd Cox's Rayvonley Uno.
Open D/B (3,1a):
1st & Best of Breed, Bailey's Dalnarck Bambi, made my journey worth while. What a lovely bitch. Super broad head and deep muzzle. Muscular neck into well laid shoulder, excellent depth of body, ribcage well sprung, broad hindquarters leading to powerful and correct movement. I also understand stood 3rd in the Group well done. 2nd Cox's Triana De Assuro of Rayvonley.
Jackie Critoph

(Rick & Anita Bailey's Dalnarck Bambi Best of Breed and Group 3 in the Working Group Judging under Michael Quinney. What a result for Man & Mastino!! Excellent !!)


The Neapolitan Mastiff is in my opinion in pretty good shape at the moment & probably overall as good as I've seen since my first involvement with the breed in 1987. I think that there are a good number of dedicated breeders & devotees out there looking out for the welfare of this wonderful breed & you should be proud of yourselves.
Construction & bone are excellent. The predominate faults for me were large ears, low set ears, too much haw & although bites were good, the actual teeth could have been a lot better. Temperaments were excellent.
JD (3,2a)
1 Slater & Mafi's Two The Sud, very typical head with the correct proportions & ear placement but showing haw. Fabulous bone, strong neck, correctly placed shoulders, good depth of body, correct topline & angulation, very promising.
PGD (4,2)
1 Julianastraat's Bizzaro Vd Hestokamp, correctly shaped & proportioned head. Excessive skin & haw spoilt his expression. Good strong neck, construction & bone were very good. Excessive loose skin on his legs detracted from his good qualities; 2 Kemp's Faynad Pero at Mostroneo, good head shape but lacks furnishings, requires more dewlap. Construction is good with lovely bone, a slow maturer I would think.
OD (8,2)
1 Brooks & Harbron's Int Ch Janineo Vendetta of Bellezza, very typical head with the correct proportions, tight eyes, ears well placed but a little on the large size. Well off for bone, strong muscular neck with the correct amount of dewlap, correctly placed well muscled shoulders, broad chest & straight legs, well let down ribcage, correct length & depth of body, correct topline, well muscled hindquarters with the correct angulation & powerful hocks, moved extremely well covering the ground freely with long strides while maintaining the unique characteristic movement of this breed. To be hypercritical a tiny bit more wrinkling on his head would be nice but I thought his other attributes compensated for this. BOB; 2 Brooks Harbron's Ir Ch The Darkness of Bellezza, typical head with the correct proportions & correct amount of expression. Slightly smaller than 1 but with all the same attributes. His movement let him down. RBD.
JB (2)
1 Berry's Drosdelnoch's Rutaskardi; 2 Evan's Makaevo Orsola, two very promising youngsters with very much the same attributes, typical heads of the correct proportions, enough furnishings, correct dewlap, well off for bone, good depth, topline & angulation. Neither moved well. 1 won on maturity.
PGB (9)
This class was a bevy of beauties & a pleasure to judge, I was extremely pleased with all of them. 1 Platts' Vallino Evanescence, very typical head, nice tight eye, very nice expression with the correct amount of furnishing, correct amount of dewlap, ears a little low set. Well off for bone, muscular neck flowing into well defined sloping shoulders, broad chest, well let down ribcage, correct topline & depth of body with long well sprung ribs, broad loin, well muscled croup & hindquarters with the correct angulation. When she got going she moved freely covering the ground, driving from her powerful hocks. BB; 2 Greenwood & Lloyd's Dalnarck Elecktra, typical head, nice tight eye, good bone, strong muscular neck, correct length of body with well sprung ribs, broad loin, correct angulation; 3 Bailey's Dalnarck Enigma, typical head with tight eyes, good bone, well muscled neck, correct height to length ratio, correct angulation.
OB (8,3)
Another class of lovely ladies. 1 Bailey's Dalnarck Bambi, lovely mature lady with a very typical head of the correct proportions, tight eye, correct amount of wrinkle & dewlap, good bone, strong, well muscled neck, correct shoulders, deep broad chest, correct length & depth of body with long well sprung ribs, broad well muscled loin & croup, strong hindquarters with powerful hocks used to good effect when moving. RBB; 2 Slater & Mafi's Dalnarck Beau, nice head with the right furnishings, just a touch short in the muzzle. Good bone, nicely muscled throughout, correct length & depth of body, correct angulation; 3 Berry's Drosdelnochs Lady Jane, nice head, showing a little haw, correct amount of wrinkle. Good bone, length, depth & angulation.

Eastwood Kennel Association Open Show 10.04.09. Judge: Alex Gunn (Flintstock).
Puppy D/B:
1st & Best Puppy Lees Vallino Marillion.
Open D/B:
1st & Best of Breed Platts Cinciripini's Foo Fighter via Vallino (IMP USA)
(Nick & Natalie Lee's Vallino Marillion Best Puppy and Group 3 in the Working Group Puppy under Judge Barry Day. Again, another Excellent Result for Man & Mastino !!)

Working & Pastoral Breeds Association of Wales Ch Show 18.04.09. Judge: Mr G. Lewis.
Junior D/B (6,1):
1st & Best Puppy & Res Best Dog Simpson's Vallino Thunderstruck. 2nd Platts Cinciripini's Foo Fighter via Vallino (IMP USA). 3rd & Res Best Bitch Evans' Dalnarck Giuliana at Makaevo. Res Bennet's Makaevo Baldovino Gesu.
Limit D/B (3,2):
1st Bennet's Makaevo Baldovino Gesu.
Open D/B (4,1):
1st & Best Dog & Best of Breed Evans' Dalnarck Ercole at Makaevo. 2nd & Best Bitch Platts Luna del Saratoga via Vallino (IMP ARG). 3rd Bennet's Makaevo Baldovino Gesu.

THE SCOTTISH KENNEL CLUB CH SHOW 17.05.09 - Judge Terry Munroe
J (2,1a)
1 Platts' Cinciripini's Foofighter via Vallino, powerful male of good length, strong large head with exaggerated flews & dewlap, displaying much wrinkle, good length of upper arm, massive legs & feet, deep chest, firm level back, developed thighs, moved with easy extension. BD.
PG (2)
1 Platts' Vallino Evanescence, strong feminine bitch with plenty of work but not the excess of the previous winner, good bone, deep chest good topline, balanced angulation, moved out well. BOB; 2 McGuigan's Lesall Dark N Sharpe at Hieronymus, 6 years brindle with feminine head but not the breadth of muzzle of 1 & eyes a little loose. Deep chest, well sprung ribs. Lacking thigh development. Fair movement. RBB.
OD (1)

OB (2,1)
1 L Dark N Sharp at H.

BATH CH SHOW 24.05.09 - Judge Robin Searle (Surlson)
JD (4)
1 Bennet's Makaevo Baldovino Gesu, 11 months, well boned & made for age, in good body condition, moved with purpose, correct proportions of head. Has too much loose skin, age might help. RBD; 2 Simpson's Vallino Thunderstruck, 8 months & not so mature as 1. Very nice skin condition, in lovely body for age. Head, which is last to develop, is showing balance with good strong jaw & teeth; 3 Atreidee's Inisbua Cerberus.
PGD (1)
1 M Baldovino Gesu.
OD (3)
1 Evans' Dalnarck Ercole at Makaevo, typical head, large wide open nostrils, good quality overall, strong well grown bone, feet, topline & moved easy & well. BD; 2 M Baldovino Gesu.
JB (7)
1 Evans' Dalnarck Giuliana at Makaevo, quality type. Needs just a bit more confidence at 11 months. Lovely bone, body & sound. Head is coming right. RBB; 2 Heron's Makaevo Patriza, at the same age & pattern, much calmer on temperament. Head not so advanced as 1. Moved well; 3 Cox's Marzia Dello Stradone Vesuviano of Rayvonley.
PGB (3)
1 Platt's Vallino Evanescence, third muzzle to two-thirds skull, small ears, large nostrils & good teeth, very nice bone & substance of body without being too fat, moved eventually well. BB & BOB; 2 Cox's Rayvonley Uno, just a bit larger, good size head & strong foreface. A little too much haw showing. Very nice bone & body, excellent temperament.
OB (3)

WINDSOR CH SHOW 05.07.09 - Judge Vic Salt (Woodlyn)
JD (2)
1 RBD, Evans' Dalnarck Hiro at Makaevo, good skull & muzzle. Dentition could be better. Short neck, nice body & in good condition, moved well, sound temperament, very nice outgoing puppy; 2 Simpson & Simpson's Vallino Thunderstruck.
PGD (0).
OD (1)
1 Evans' Dalnarck Ercole at Makaevo, good head profile, well set eyes, good dentition, nice front angulation, good body & nice condition, stands & sets up well, moved well in front. Needs to tighten behind. Quality dog & deserved BOB. V (1) A.
JB (4,1a)
1 Newport's Inisbua Carmen, nice bitch, Lacks body at this age. Nice head & eye, sound temperament, moved & handled well; 2 Cox's Rayvonley Giada; 3 Evans' Makaevo Adalina.
PGB (3,1)
1 RBB, Cox's Maria Dello Stradone Vesuviano of Rayvonley, head well balanced. Eye could be tighter. Dentition alright, good neck & shoulders, nice body, in nice condition, handled & moved well; 2 I Carmen.
OB (3,1)
1 BB, Evans' Dalnarck Brina at Makaevo, good skull & muzzle, nice profile, short neck, well laid shoulders, level topline, stands well behind, moved well; 2 Cox's Rayvonley Uno.

NATIONAL W & P BREEDS CH SHOW 18.07.09 - Judge Linda Wade (Patchings).
I have the utmost respect for these dedicated Mastini enthusiasts & it was a pleasure to go over their exhibits. All sound & had delightful temperaments.
P (4,3a)
1 Evans' Dalnarck Hiro at Makaevo, happy boy, very nice type, good bone for size, good muzzle/skull ratio, body proportions good for age, correct topline, in good coat & condition, moved wit an easy youthful stride. BP.
PGD (4,1)
1 David & Bennett's Makaevo Baldovino Gesu, very well constructed, well boned junior, typical head, not overdone, at his best free standing displaying balance throughout, legs parallel fore & aft, very good topline, strong rear & hocks, moved purposefully with nice tail carriage; 2 Platt & Cinciripini's Foo Fighter via Vallino, large head, extravagant dewlap & wrinkle. Although overdone in some respects I could appreciate the bone & substance of this boy. Deep & long in body, very fit & rather lean but is as yet far from mature. Sound; 3 Atreidees' Inisbua Cerberus.
OD (3)
1 Evans' Dalnarck Ercole at Makaevo, full of quality, well put together with characteristic head proportions in harmony with his good body, strong thighs & hocks, in lovely show condition. Secured BOB with his very sound movement covering the ground with long easy strides. He replicated this in the group & never put a foot wrong. BOB; 2 Slater & Mafi's Sancho De Assurra, stallion of a well boned dog, large head with plenty of finish, long muscular body, firm topline & good tailset. As yet not the balance of 1 & less positive through the hocks. Sound. RBD; 3 M Baldovino Gesu.
PGB (5)
1 Heron's Makaevo Patrizia, quality youngster, just out of puppy, lovely head pattern for age, good mouth & expression, good bone & build, nice angles, very good topline & rear assembly, moved well off strong pasterns & good feet. RBB; 2 Cox's Rayvonvalley Glada, youngster with good body lines, bone & feet. Head not quite as developed as 1 therefore not the balance to body as yet. Sound; 3 Cox's Rayvonvalley Uno.
OB (3,2)
1 Evans' Dalnarck Brina at Makaevo, mature bitch of classic type, feminine head, correct wrinkle, good eyes & expression, very good bone & body balance, strong thighs & hocks, moved steadily & well. Had to give way in the final run-off to the youngster from the same kennel. How proud her breeders & owner must be of a bitch who is passing on her qualities to her progeny. BB.

EAST OF ENGLAND CH SHOW 12.07.09 - Judge Pamela Jeans-Brown (Molosser).
I was delighted with the quality of all my exhibits & would like congratulate the owners on the excellent condition in which they presented their Mastini. Almost all dogs moved soundly if not always elegantly & their temperament was excellent. It was an impressive sight to see the team in the best breeder in group competition, their first appearance there but hopefully not their last.
PD (5)
1 Bailey's Dalnarck Hades, real baby who hopefully will not live up to his name. Super type with excellent proportions, beautiful head & expression, correct wrinkle, good ear carriage, good depth of body already, good bone. Movement still very loose but totally sound. Splendidly relaxed character. BP; 2 Ray & Kellegher's Inusbula Diomeded, big lad with very clear outline, excellent body proportions, good head type & expression, excellent bone for his size, good wrinkle, strong quarters; 3 Evans' Dalnarck Ippolito at Makaevo.
JD (1)
1 David & Bennet's Makaevo Baldovino Gesu, youngster of just 12 months, very good type, excellent expression, correct wrinkle, good body proportions, good bone for his size, super topline. Movement sound but will look even better when he & his handler have had a little more practice.
PGD (1)
1 Platts' Cinciripinis Footfighter via Vallino, fantastic type but perhaps a trifle too exaggerated for the British show scene. Cracking bone, wonderful proportions of body & head but too much dewlap spoiled the outline. Super head & typical expression. Longer cast body meant that he had good free movement & good quarters & angulation gave him added power, wonderful character. RBD.
OD (2)
1 Evans' Dalnarck Ercole at Makaevo, liked him as a youngster & he is maturing well, good body proportions & a head which is well balanced but not too exaggerated in furnishings, good wrinkle, correct ear carriage, good body length, deep chest, good loin, excellent angulation, good bone for size, moved out well & with purpose. BD, had to make way for his mother in the choice for top honours; 2 M Baldovino Gesu, coped better with the experience the second time around.
JB (2)
Two excellent young bitches. 1 Evans' Makaevo Adalina, well balanced, excellent bone & body proportions, lovely head & expression, correct wrinkle, good ear carriage, good topline & angulation, very sound on the move; 2 Bailey's Dalnarck Gina, beautiful bitch, excellent bone, very good head & body proportions, excellent topline, good angulation. A little less confident than 1 on the move.
PGB (2)
Another two splendid bitches. 1 Bailey's Dalnarck Enigma, showing balance & excellent conformation, in excellent condition, good bone for her size, super head proportions with broad muzzle & good skull, excellent ear carriage & correct wrinkle, good angulation & strong movement. RBB; 2 Evans' Dalnarck Brina at Makaevo, very classy bitch but could carry a little more weight. Excellent body proportions, good bone, pleasing head type with correct wrinkle, moved out well.
OB (3,2a)
1 Bailey's Dalnarck Bambi, have always liked this stylish bitch & it was a pleasure to see her now mature & in her prime. Excellent body proportions, strong topline, good quarters, excellent bone & strong true movement, beautiful head with excellent proportions, broad muzzle, good broad skull, correct wrinkle, super expression, powerful bitch but still very feminine, moved with real style & power in the big ring & gained many compliments as a result. BOB. Breeders Bailey.

PAIGNTON CH SHOW 03.08.09 - Judge Barry Blunden (Licassa).
J (6,2a)
1 David & Bennet's Makaevo Baldovino Gesu, well boned dog, broad in skull with good proportions to muzzle, clean eyes with only slight haw, good earset & size, well muscled neck with moderate dewlap, well developed long shoulders, good body proportions with deep broad chest, good topline & line of belly, broad loin, good length of thigh with moderate stifle, strong hocks & nice feet, moved well. RBD; 2 Heron's Makaevo Patrizia, bitch, littermate to 1 & little to choose between them, good head proportions but still feminine, loose skin on head not excessive, nice clean eyes set well apart with only slight haw, fairly short neck with moderate dewlap, good shoulders, well developed & slightly sloping, straight legs with good pasterns, broad chest & ribcage well sprung, good length of body with broad croup, good hindquarters with moderate stifle & strong hocks, nice feet, short dense coat, moved well. BB; 3 Evans' Dalnarck Ippolito at Makaevo, 10½ months dog, a puppy showing promise, good head proportions, good mouth & ears, eyes clean with only slight signs of haw. Good mouth & dentition, well made at the front & rear with nice feet, good set of tail, moved well for a puppy. BP.
OD (3,1)
1 Evans' Dalnarck Ercole at Makaevo, well boned with strong head, broad short skull & correct head proportions, well pronounced stop & large nose, clean eyes with only slight haw, good ear carriage set well apart, good mouth with strong jaw, fairly short muscular neck flowing into long shoulders, broad deep chest with good spring of rib, good topline with line of belly parallel, broad loin with well developed muscle, long thighs with moderate stifle, good feet, good tailset in balance, moved well with long steps, in good condition. BD; 2 M Baldovino Gesu.
OB (4,3)
1 Evans' Dalnarck Brina at Makaevo, bitch, good head with broad skull & well pronounced stop, clean eyes with slight haw, well set ears & good mouth, good muscular neck but a little too much dewlap than now required. Good front with long shoulders & deep chest, good topline & tailset, good rearend with moderate bend of stifle & strong hocks, moved OK. RBB.

RICHMOND CH SHOW 12.09.2009 - Judge DAN ERICSSON (From Sweden)

Not an easy breed to judge in hot weather. Soundness, in particular with regard to eyes & skin, needs to be addressed overall & I also felt that many of the dogs were on the small side.
V (1)
1 Cox's Faynad Dalia of Rayvonley, 9 year old bitch, very sluggish & not in very fit condition, reflected in movement. Good bone, coat & colour. Eyes could be sounder & was rather unsteady behind.
P (3,2a)
1 Mumby's Boldheart's Blue Warrior, upstanding, tall dog of correct size. Needs to thicken & drop in body & come together still. Promising head with good wrinkles & lips, good legs. Feet rather flat. Excellent coat & colour. Eyes could be sounder. Good mover.
PG (5,1)
1 Cox's Rayvonley Giada, very sound bitch in fit condition with excellent typical movement & very good type, sound eyes, legs & feet. Could do with better head & more skin. Sound limbs. RBB; 2 Slater & Mafi's Two The Sud, masculine dog of good size, pleasing head with plenty of skin & wrinkles but retaining sound eyes, good bone, topline, coat & colour. In very thin condition & ribcage too flat. Moved OK; 3 Heron's Makaevo Patrizia.
OD (5)
Good class of well presented males. 1 Evans' Dalnarck Ercole at Makaevo, easy winner combining type, size, coat colour & movement very well, very well made & typical throughout, in excellent condition. Head sound but could be more masculine. Very good dog overall. BOB; 2 Slater & Mafi's Sancho De Azzurra, very good head with correct proportions. Not so sound in eyes & was shown in very light condition. Sound legs & feet, good coat & colour & typical sound mover. RBD; 3 Platts' Cinciripini's Foofighter via Vallino.
OB (4,1)
1 Evans' Makaevo Adalina, very typical sound bitch, standing well on four legs & moves well, really excellent front & rear, good body, ribs & coat, pleasing head for a bitch. Eyes could be sounder. BB; 2 Cox's Maria Dello Stradone Vesuviano of Rayvonley, typical bitch with really good hindquarters & rear movement. Rather narrow front & not the head of 1. In good condition; 3 Cox's Rayvonley Uno.

J (2)
1 Brooks & Harbron's Bellezza Loki, brother & sister, but it was the boy who was more comfortable in the ring. Large & well boned, broad chest down to elbows, well sprung ribs, level topline, covered the ground well on the move, well proportioned head & muzzle, definite stop, well opened nostrils & correct scissor bite, fleshy lips & loose skin forming characteristic appearance without being excessive. BOB & BP; 2 Brooks & Harbron's Bellezza Baggio, lovely head in all respects, strong muscular neck & body. Not prepared to show well. BB.
OD (1)
1 Brooks & Harbron's Ir Ch Blue Star of Bellezza, handsome mature male, large broad head & deep square muzzle, scissor bite, eyes set forward & well apart, broad across cheeks, large & muscular, broad strong back & loin, long broad thighs, good strong underline standing. Lost interest in the challenge perhaps due to change of handler. RBD.
OB (0).

W/P BREEDS A OF SCOTLAND CH SHOW 08.11.2009 Judge STEVE HALL (Shenedene)
JD (1)
PGD (0).
OD (3,2a)
1 BD, Mafi & Slater's Sancho De Azzurra, looks like a Neo, lots to like about him, good bone & feet, classic head that was deep & flattish, excellent invert, plenty of dewlap, good body shape. Needs to be more filled out in waste to give a better balance overall. Purposeful mover.
JB (3)
1 RBB, Lees' Vallino Marillion, this bitch really impressed me for her cleanness of lines & her true & precise movement, think she is one to watch for the future, I thought she had all the requirements for a Neo yet not one part of her was unsound or awkward is this the type & cleanness of construction we should be aiming for? Very well schooled & presented; 2 BP, Cox's Rayvonley Giada, very strong bitch both in mind & body, lots to like, good ratios with firm backline, broad head but the invert could have been more defined. Strong dentition, excellent pigment, plenty of bone, good feet, good mover when settled; 3 Mafi & Slater's Merles Tongan Tapa.
PGB (3,1)
1 Cox's Rayvonley Uno, strong bitch who took some handling as she was determined to please herself, however, she got it together in the end & gave a performance that won her the class, all the classic line of a Neo still quite young & needs more time to develop. Good large skull of correct proportions yet retained her feminine looks, good invert & dewlap, bags of bone. Feet could be tighter. Good ratios, moved OK, in good clean condition; 2 Platts' Vallino Pantera, young black bitch, most beautiful mover arguably the best free moving Neo here, lovely bone & feet, in a jacket in pristine condition, in fact I have never seen a Neo in as good a jacket as this. However, I did not find her head typical which was a little disappointing, nevertheless, I think you could have a very sound basis to improve in the head department with this soundness in every other department, you could be on a winner?
OB (3,1)
1 BOB, Cox's Maria Dello Stradone Vesuviano of Rayvonley, very impressive bitch who lacks for nothing, looks very much the part & combined with best of movers, what more do you require? Very well balanced head that ticks all the boxes, fabulous body of good length & depth giving excellent clean lines; 2 Mafi & Slater's Dalnark Beau, nice type Neo with all the right attributes to succeed in this breed, classic head broad & deep, good invert, so essential in this breed, good dewlap, pleasing bodily proportions, good bone & feet, moved out well without being cumbersome.

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