Champ and open show critiques and results 2010

Championship Show Results 2010
(Yet to receive Judges Critiques National Dog Show, SKC, Windsor, Paignton)


PD (1)
1 Evans' Rayvonley Minos at Makaevo, 6 months & well up to size, will make a big imposing dog when he fills out, not fazed by me & stood well when being gone over, developing head, scissor bite, eye rims good pigmentation but a little open. Well boned with feet big, compact arched toes, ribs long & well sprung, sufficient angulation with long hocks, everything heading in the right direction which will come with time, moved out even. BP & RBD.
JD (0)
PGD (1)
OD (2,1a)
1 David & Bennet's Makaevo Baldovino Gesu, brindle, head masculine & large, lips full & heavy, ears set high, neck stocky & muscular, front legs straight & vertical but chest is narrow. Prefer broader chest. Good tight feet, in profile shoulder upright, topline straight, ribs down to elbow & sufficient rear angulation, moved positive, free & even. BOB.
PB (1)
1 David & Bennet's Rayvonley Seraphim Gesu, 6 months b/br litter sister to the PD, no-one said when I had finished judging & also most importantly that Mr Evans (Rayvonley) bred my BOB, nice type bitch, just a bit shy. Nice bone with big compact feet to grow into body well covered, sympathetically shown, moved well once settled. BPB.
JB (1)
1 Platt's Vallino Pantera, b/br, head feminine with good depth across cheeks, lips full, small ears set high. In profile she was all tensed up making her roach her back which didn't look good. Ample bone & compact feet, nice underline, lots of angulation to rearquarters, strong hocks. Moved out a little wide going away, front even. RBB.
PGB (5)
OB (1)
1 Bailey's Hasbani del Bengasche at Dalnarck, 5 years g/br, very mature lady with enormous forechest & breast bone protrusion, broad chest, body depth well past elbows, strong bone with chunky feet, front legs viewed vertical, body well covered, underline parallel with topline, muscular quarters, moved slow & bear-like. BB. Finely gave up in the challenge for BOB.
KEITH BALDWIN (Nightstorm)

My first Judging appointment, very pleased to see quality dogs, none of which showed any forms of excess in wrinkle and dewlap and all moved freely.
1st & Best Puppy Evans' Rayvonley Minos, 7 month old puppy, an impressive young man. Strong bone, good head proportions, correct ears and level head planes. Teeth good. Topline good, nicely developing dewlap & wrinkle, good angulation and tail set. Chest developing nicely. Moved very well when he put his mind to it. Best Puppy and went on to achieve Best Puppy Working Group under Judge Liz Dunhill, a bright future for this lad.
Post Grad:
1st & Reserve Best of Breed: Evans' Dalnarck Giuliana, 20 months old bitch, good head with level planes, nicely wrinkled and good dewlap. Level bite, eyes set correctly. Topline good, bone good and feet correct. Angulation and body length very good, correct movement.
2nd Evans' Dalnarck Ippolito, a very good looking young man 17 months old, a fantastic front end. Impressive bone. Good head and wrinkle, bite slightly undershot. Good eyes and ear set. Level topline, slightly too short in length of body and a little straight in angulation, moved well.
1st & Best of Breed, Evans' Makaevo Adalina, a 20 month old bitch that caught my eye the moment she walked in the ring. Extremely good head, teeth, ears, eyes, and planes all correct. Nice wrinkle & dewlap, very good topline and angulation. Good spring of ribs, good length of body and moved with the correct Mastino movement. A very promising bitch.
KEV BERRY (Drosdelnoch)


I have judged some good dogs with medium quality, some of them have too much skin on the body, in particular on the shoulder & on the croup.Some subjects need to have tighter eyelids & less dewlap. I have seen the right head proportions & expressions. The majority of the dogs have a typical body proportion & good movement.
JD (6,1a)
1 Brooks & Harbron's Bellezza Loki, right size & type, excellent expression, right body proportion, typical & strong topline, good compact feet, right movement, coat & colour. RBD;
2 Evans' Dalnarck Ippolito at Makaevo, well in size, right type & expression, good chest & topline, right body proportion, good movement, right coat & colour;
3 Simpson's Vallino Thunderstruck, right size & type, a little bit too much dewlap. Must be stronger in topline but enough free movement & right coat & colour;
Res: Mumby's Boldheart's Blue Warrior.
Vhc: Cox's Rayvonley Leone

PGD (9,1)
1 Ray & Kellegher's Inisbua Diomedes, excellent size & type, enough strength in body for male, right head proportion, right topline & croup, good chest, well compact feet, good rear angulation, right & not excessive skin, excellent movement;
2 Evans' Dalnarck Hiro at Makaevo, right size & type, right head for expression & proportion, topline should be stronger. Enough strong pastern, good rear angulation, right coat & colour, good movement;
3 Kemp's Faynad Pero at Mostroneo, right size & type, right head proportion, right rectangular body, good chest, right coat & colour. A little bit close in rear movement.
Res: Bailey's Dalnarck Hades.
Vhc: Slater & Mafi's Two The Sud.

OD (6,3)
1 Evans' Dalnarck Ercole at Makaevo, excellent type & size, right expression & lips, enough harmonious dewlap, right head proportion, right topline & croup, right chest, enough strong pastern, right movement, right coat & colour. BD;
2 Sharp's Faynad Possesso, right size & type, a little bit short in muzzle. Right rectangular body, topline should be stronger. Enough free movement, right coat & colour.
3 Slater & Mafi's Sancho de Azzurra.

JB (4,1)
1 Lees' Vallino Marillion, excellent bitch for size, type & expression, right body proportion, right topline & croup, right chest & movement, right coat & colour. BP & RBB;
2 Platt's Vallino Pantera, right size & type, head upper lines should be a little bit more parallel. Right body proportion, topline should be more strong. Right movement, coat & colour;
3 David & Bennet's Rayvonley Seraphim Gesu, right type & size, more tight eyelids, good body proportions, good chest, strong enough in topline, enough free movement, good coat & colour.

PGB (12,8)
1 Speight's Belkeiminter Amaretti, excellent type & size, right head proportions, typical lips in front view, excellent construction, right body proportions, right topline & croup, right & free movement, right coat & colour;
2 Bennett's Faynad Parola, right size, good type, even if too much convergent in head. Upper lines, right body proportion, strong in topline, right chest, good movement, right cat feet & colour;
3 Evans' Makaevo Adalina, excellent type, right size & expression, right body proportions, good topline, a little bit too short in forearm. Right chest, good movement, good coat & colour.
OB (8,3)
1 Bailey's Dalnarck Bambi, very typical subject with excellent size & expression, right head proportions, right eyes & lips in front view, only a little bit too much wrinkle on the muzzle. Upperline correct with very typical body proportion, excellent topline & croup, excellent chest, forearm & feet, right rear angulation, excellent movement, coat & colour. BOB;
2 Evans' Dalnarck Brina at Makaevo, right size, good type, even if she could be more parallel in head. Upperline correct with right body proportions, must be stronger & straighter in topline. Right chest, good feet, right movement, right coat & colour;
3 Cox's Maria Dello Stradone Vesuviano of Rayvonley, right size, good type, but should be more parallel in the head. Upperline correct, but must be stronger in topline. Right body proportions, right chest, feet & movement, right coat & colour.
Res: Cox's Rayvonley Uno.

W&P Breeds Association of Wales CH Show - 17.04.10 - Judge Frances Krall
J (2)
1 Platts' Vallimo Iron Maiden, 7 months bitch, well put together & sound, well angulated shoulders & quarters, true front, head is typical without being overdone. RBB & BP;
2 Jordan & Whitelam's Vallino Oh George, litter brother to 1, larger & more immature, rather loose on the move at the moment. Great bone, tight tidy feet, masculine head & expression, good clean eyes. RBD;
3 Evans' Rayvonley Minos at Makaevo.

L (4,1a)
1 Platts' Vallino Pantera, black bitch, perhaps not quite the substance of some, although the colour may influence here, very decent make & shape, balanced head with good expression, enough bone & she moved well;
2 Evans' Makaevo Adalina, rather short on the front legs therefore not the balance of the 1;
3 Simpson's Vallino Thunderstruck.

O (2,1)
1 Dalnarck Ercole at Makaevo, masculine chap with substance & bone to match, well angulated, good expression, moved well & in wonderful condition. BOB.

Frances Krall

Bath CH Show - 30.05.10 - Judge Sue Pollock-Yule
JD (2,1a)
1 Evans' Rayvonley Minos at Makaevo, large well proportioned head, enough wrinkle, well placed elbows, best topline with strong well angulated quarters, long swinging trot. BP;
2 Hunt's UK Inisbua Guaglione, very much the baby & just wanted to lie down given the chance. However, much to commend. A touch bum high, but otherwise a nicely balanced outline. Good temperament & bone, best movement, very fluid & easy, promising;
3 Jordan & Whitelam's Vallino Oh George.

PGD (3,1)
1 Ray & Kellegher's Inisbua Diomedes, well proportioned head, eyes showing some haw, but clean & healthy enough. Loose skin, good topline, underline & depth of chest, good length of ribcage, excelled in topline, quarters & movement, represented the breed well in the group. BOB;
2 Slater & Mafi's Two The Sud, enormous male & very imposing, great bone & substance. Just lost out in topline & not so collected in movement as 1.

OD (1)
1 Evans' Dalnarck Ercole at Makaevo, big upstanding male, large broad head & skull, plenty of bone & substance, well placed elbows, fair topline, but runs off over croup more than I would like. Moved soundly enough, but was feeling the heat perhaps. RBD.

JB (6,2)
A lovely class, sadly one had to withdraw after knocking a leg.
1 Platt's Vallino Iron Maiden, beautiful quality, gorgeous head, full of type, excellent eye, correct front, elbows & topline, superb quarters & movement. Would like a closer bite, but is still young. Will be interested to see how she matures;
2 Greenwood's Doowneerg Ava, very much a baby & a lot of loose skin to fill. Good width of front, firm topline, scored in length & turn of stifle, free elastic movement, promising; 3 Newport's Inisbua Flamina.

PGB (0)
OB (4,1)
1 Slater & Mafi's Dalnarck Beau, mature bitch of good type & quality, well balanced & constructed, enough wrinkle, broad chest, well sprung ribs. A touch maternal in undercarriage, but moved easily & soundly. BB;
2 Greenwood's Dalnarck Electra at Doownbeerg, similar in type to 1, good head properties & soundly made. A little slack in undercarriage & though feeling the heat went very soundly;
3 Evans' Makaevo Adelina.

Sue Ploock-Yule

Blackpool Ch Show - 27.06.10 - Judge Andrew Brace
PD (4,2a)
1 Lees' Tannick Mayhem, black baby with reasonable head type but loose eyes. Rather narrow throughout at the moment & hind movement needs to improve. Holds his topline well. RBD;
2 Jordan & Whitelam's Vallino Oh George, blue with very extreme dewlap & more accentuated head type, very loose eyes, badly roached topline, heavy bone. Not a good mover.

OD (1)
1 Slater & Mafi's Mr M Two The Sud, b/br with extremely typical head though slightly undershot & eyes could be cleaner. Good bone & substance, topline could be more settled but he moves soundly & with some power. BD.
PB (7,6)
1 Greenwood's Doowneerg Ava, lovely b/br of 8 months with lots of promise, excellent type all through with correct shape, balance & substance, very well proportioned head but a little loose in eye. Could finish up very well. RBB.

OB (4,2)
1 Lees' Vallino Marillion via Tannick, very typical blue bitch in every way & in excellent condition, very nicely proportioned & detailed head but rather loose eyes, well filled front, strong bone, correct top & underline & she moved both soundly & characteristically for the breed. Not exaggerated in any way but still well furnished. Easy BOB, one of the best I've judged in the country;
2 Slater & Mafi's Dalnark Beau, b/br of great substance, overdone in head & not moving soundly.
Andrew H Brace

East of England CH Show - 09.07.10 - Judge Jill Peak
PD (3,1a)
1 Bailey's Dalnarck Kaos, 6 months, nice type, good head proportions, not overdone, nice strong bone, good legs, nice oval feet, good neck & front assembly, good topline & underline. Moved OK when settled;
2 Jordan & Whitelam's Vallino Oh George, 10 months, good head shape, nice stop, good open nose, good neck. Would like better front assembly. Strong bone. Would like straighter legs & still a bit weak in topline. Moved very close behind.

JD (2)
1 Cox's Rayvonley Leone, pleasing type, good head proportions. Would like tighter eye, but no sign of irritation. Good strong bone. Would like better feet. Strong body, good topline & underline, went well;
2 Evans' Rayvonley Minos at Makaevo, pleasing head proportions, good bone, nice body & outline, good rear angulation. Moved very erratically, needs to settle.

PGD (6,4)
1 Brooks & Harbron's Bellezza Loki, good type, pleasing head, good proportions, good neck, nice strong bone, nice body & balance, strong quarters, good topline & underline held on the move. RBD;
2 Evans' Dalnarck Ippolito at Makaevo, nice dog, good head proportions, correct expression, good bone, legs & feet, nice body & quarters. Would like a better bite. Went well.

OD (1)
1 Evans' Dalnarck Ercole at Makaevo, very nice type, good body & outline, nice head & expression, good eye, nice neck & shoulders, strong bone, good topline & underline, nice rear angulation, went soundly with correct action. BOB.

PB (5,2)
1 Bailey's Dalnarck Kyra, 6 months, very nice type, good head proportions, nice eye & expression, plenty bone, good body & ribbing, correct underline & topline, good quarters & tail carriage, went OK when settled. BP & RBB;
2 Platts' Vallino Iron Maiden, 10 months, pleasing type, nice head shape & expression, good clean eye. Would like a better bite. Good bone. Chest needs to drop. Went OK when settled;
3 Platts' Vallino Weenie Beenie.

JB (1)

PGB (2,1)
1 Cox's Cinciripinis Felisa of Rayvonley, pleasing head & expression, good eye, nice bone, good legs & feet, strong body & ribbing, nice underline & quarters, went OK. BB.

OB (2,1)
W/d with heat stroke.
Jill Peak
National Working & Pastoral Breeds CH Show - 17.07.10. Judge Janet Gunn
I really enjoyed the appointment and was delighted with the entry of 26. A breed in which I have a particular interest & for which I have a great affection, at one of my favourite shows & venues. All the exhibitors were so pleasant and stayed on to chat after judging.

P D/B (7,1):
1st & Best Puppy & Best Bitch: Greenwoods Doowneerg Ava, well balanced bitch of only 9 months but already showing great promise, head of correct proportions with broad skull, clear eyes, excellent bite & dentition, muzzle square & deep with well padded flews, correct dewlap, good solid bone, nice outline with good angulation, good skin & coat, excelled in movement.
2nd & Reserve Best Bitch: Bailey's Dalnarck Kyra, appealing 6 months bitch of cobbier type, lovely head & expression, good mouth & dentition, nice clear eyes, well padded muzzle & good drop of lip without excess, well balanced all through, still very much a baby but a worthy RBB.
3rd Ray & Kellegher's Inisbua Galileo.

PGD (9,1):
1st Cox's Rayvonley Leone, male of good type, very nice head of correct proportions without exaggeration, good mouth & dentition, solid bone, good feet, strong hocks, scored on movement. Unfortunately out of coat but a young dog with much to like about him.
2nd Ray & Kellegher's Inisbua Diomedes, quality young dog, very typical all through with nice outline & good angulation, head of good proportions with well padded muzzle but would prefer a tighter eye. Sound & active on the move.
3rd Davis & Bennet's Makaevo Baldovino Gesu.

OD (2):
1st & Best Dog & Best Of Breed: Slater & Mafi's Two The Sud, substantial, of impressive stature, typical head of correct proportions with square well padded muzzle, enough wrinkle, correct dewlap without exaggeration, good bite & dentition, clear eyes with alert expression, strong bone all through, sweeping stifle, strong hocks, covered the ground with tremendous power & agility for such a big boy, still a youngster so not the finished article yet but, with maturity, will be hard to beat, in first class order. I watched him in the Group ring where he showed no signs of flagging, a very sound & fit representative of the breed.
2nd & Reserve Best Dog: Evans' Dalnarck Ercole at Makaevo, of good type, typical head of correct proportions, good mouth & dentition, more mature in body than 1st with deep filled chest, enough bone, nice outline, good angulation, sound on the move but lacked the enthusiasm of 1st. Nevertheless, an excellent example of the breed & worthy RBD.

PGB (5,3):
1st Cox's Cinciripinis Felisa of Rayvonley, typy, of substance, well constructed with good solid bone, strong head of correct proportions, good wrinkle without exaggeration, correct bite & dentition. Would prefer a little less haw. Good angulation, sound on the move.
2nd Platts' Vallino Pantera, black, finer in build altogether without the substance of 1st, lacking in head properties. Moved out with great enthusiasm but not the type I was seeking.

OB (3,3).
Janet Gunn

Leeds CH Show - 23.07.10 - Judge Vic Salt
It is always an honour to judge this breed & I know you are all working hard to keep the breed as sound as possible as I have been to your seminars, the last one being at The Kennel Club Building at Stoneleigh. So I know the work you all put in & I wish you well with your future breeding programme.

JD (7,2a)
1 Cox's Rayvonley Leone, sound with well proportioned head & clear eye, good body & bone for age, firm topline, stands well, moved & handled well;
2 Hunt's Inisbua Guaglione, good head. Eyes show slight red haw but no sign of irritation. Good neck & topline, stands well behind, moved well;
3 Cox's Rayvonley Apollo.

PGD (3,1)
1 Weall's Icaro de Cetobriga, good skull & muzzle, clear eye, good bone, good body shape, level topline & good underline, moved well in front. Needs to tighten behind. Handled well;
2 Simpson's Vallino Thunderstruck, balanced head. Eye showing slight red haw but no irritation. Nice bone, good topline & depth of chest, handled well.

OD (5,1)
1 Speight's Belkeiminter Marquinn, quality masculine dog with plenty of bone, good skull & muzzle, stop well defined, strong neck, nice depth of chest & level topline, good underline, strong hocks, powerful on move, well handled. BD & BOB;
2 Ray & Kellegher's Inisbua Diomedes, another that sets up well, good bone, strong head with good stop. Eye showing red haw but no irritation. Good neck & shoulders, firm topline, stands well, moved & handled well. RBD;
3 Evans' Dalnarck Ercole at Makaevo.

JB (4,2)
1 Greenwood's Doowneerg Ava, nice young bitch with nice eye & expression, good neck, shoulders & topline, sound temperament, handled & moved well. BP;
2 Bailey's Dalnarck Kyra, nice head & eye, good body shape. Coat little soft. Moved well.

PGB (4,1)
Two very nice bitches.
1 Platts' Vallino Pantera, quality with good head profile, nice clean eye, good neck & shoulders, firm topline, sound hindquarters, presented & handled well, moved well. BB;
2 Evans' Makaevo Enrica, another of quality, sets up really well, good skull & muzzle, clean eye, right amount of neck & straight front, topline & underline good, moved well. RBB;
3 Cox's Cinciripinis Felisa of Rayvonley.

OB (3,1)
1 Speight's Belkeiminter Amaretti, well proportioned head. Eye could be clearer. Good body & nice depth of chest, good coat, handled & moved well;
2 Cox's Maria Dello Stradone Vesuviano of Rayvonley, good head. Would like clearer eye. Good neck & shoulders, firm topline & underline. Needs to tighten on move.
Vic Salt

Richmond CH Show - 17.09.10 - Judge Rodney Oldham.
I was pleased to find the dogs present in much better overall condition than on my last occasion judging. Skin & coat condition was particularly pleasing & sore looking calluses conspicuous by their absence. Thank you for presenting the dogs in such good form.

P (3,2a)
1 Lees' Tannick Mayhem, promising 11 months black male, well grown with substance, width to his flat skull, just enough definition to stop, eyes clean but would prefer slightly less haw. Very good depth & strength to muzzle with correct bite, powerful neck into decent shoulders & front, ribcage is deep & fairly long just needs to fill with maturity. Respectable topline & hindquarters, true enough on the move, kindly disposition. BP & RBD.
OD (5,3)
Two very masculine males of similar age.
1 Ray & Kelleghers' Inisbua Diomedes, preferred shape & balance of this one, skull is broad & flat with defined stop & muzzle in desired proportion, clean eyes, good mouth, strong neck in suitably laid shoulder, elbows well placed for free movement, well sprung ribcage of length, firm loin with tailset & carried low, sound hindquarters & moves out willingly & true. BD;
2 Slater & Mafis' Two The Sud, all male with strength to head, clean eye, depth to muzzle not the length of ribcage or topline of 1. Moves out quite soundly, in good clean coat condition.

OB (3,1)
1 Lees' Vallino Marillion via Tannick, medium sized blue of exceptional quality, super for make, shape & balance, very typical in head with excellent expression from clean eyes, defined stop, proportioned muzzle in correct plain, strong neck, decent front assembly, well boned, respectable topline with tailset & carried low, parallel underline, stifles moderately bent, true reachy mover once she gets into her correct stride, thought she put on a good performance in the group later. BOB;
2 Platt's Vallino Pantera, black who I see is sister to 1, built on much lighter lines & consequently flows around the ring with extraordinary ease. Could still fill her frame a little more to good advantage. RBB.
Rodney Oldham

Darlington CH show - 18.09.10 - Judge Ann Sutton.
I thoroughly enjoyed my day judging Neapolitans at Darlington, the weather was lovely on the Working day, and I was very pleased with my entries. I can honestly say that I did not find one dog male or female with a problem, but did feel that one or two of the exhibits had slightly small heads.
On the whole, movement and type were good, toplines were very good, back ends were lovely and straight, and mouths were also very good. Thankfully I did not have to withhold any places, which I always do if I think there are faults that warrant that action. One or two exhibits played about a bit on movement, but I would put that down to lack of ringcraft or immaturity. There were in fact four dogs in particular that, I would have loved to have taken back home with me.
This breed has genuinely come a long way and they continue to improve in both health and temperament. I would like to say to all enthusiasts, especially the breeders, and exhibitors, keep up the good work all of you, for breeding coupled with training is so important to this beautiful animal, we are getting there, but we need to keep this standard up, on the whole, we have a breed to be proud of. All the exhibitors were very respectful which is nice, as sadly, in some of my other breeds, this is not always the case. I would like to conclude my pre-amble on a funny but very true note, after leaving the ring I met some good friends of mine whom I have known for some years, one of them commented that, living with a Neapolitan is almost like living with a human being!! that really summed it up for me!

V D/B (0)
PD (3,1):
1st & Best Puppy: Bailey's Dalnarck Kaos, beautiful puppy, lovely head, bite good, good strong bone, and moved very nicely, back end following properly, I would go so far as to say, watch this space on this puppy.
2nd Lees Tannick Mayhem, lovely expression on this puppy, everything in place at this age, moved well for a youngster.

JD (2,1):
1st Cox's Rayvonley Apollo, nice temperament, bite good, a little bit tall for me and not quite enough bone, moved OK, I would have liked a slightly bigger head.

PGD (4,1):
1st & Reserve Best Dog: Evans Dalnarck Ippolito at Makaevo, beautiful black /brindle, very happy dog looks like he enjoys life! Lovely bite, gorgeous head, good topline, moved well.
2nd Weal's Icaro de Cetobriga (Imp), good back end, straight topline, nice bite, expression good, but again, head too small for me.
3rd Cox's Rayvonley Leone.

LD (2,1):
1st Brooks & Harbron's Bellezza Loki, good temperament, head small, bite fine, but a little bit too tall for my liking.

OD (5,2):
1st & Best Dog: Speight's Belkeiminter Marquinn, lovely specimen of a Neapolitan Mastiff, this was one of my four I would have liked to have taken home, lovely bite, very good expression, excellent bone, moved very well.
2nd Ray's Inisbua Diomedes, nice head and expression, topline nice, moved very well, good bite.
3rd Wilson & Sharp's Faynad Possesseo.

PB (2):
1st Ray's Inisbua Gretel, nice little girl, lovely expression, temperament excellent, good topline, nice bone.
2nd Casey's Lesall Magic Velvet, another nice young female, lovely head and expression, nice bite, good topline, back end nice and straight, moved well.

JB (1):
1st Platts Vallino Weenie Beenie, lovely young female, expression good, bite good, nice head, topline not a problem, looked good on the move.

PGB (3,2):
1st Platts Vallino Pantera, again, nice female, temperament and expression good, good back end, moved well.

LB (3):
1st & Best Bitch & Best Of Breed: Baileys Dalnarck Enigma, beautiful expression, lovely head, another one I would have liked to have taken home, this female could not do anything wrong for me, a typical Neapolitan, moved like a dream, low to the ground, not too tall.
2nd Cox's Cinciripinis Felisa of Rayvonley, good temperament, bite good, topline OK, not quite enough bone for me, slightly too tall.
3rd Wilson & Sharp's Drosdelnoch's Crystal Maid.

OB (6,4):
1st & Reserve Best Bitch: Lee's Vallino Marillion via Tannick, lovely female, good strong head, nice bite, moved very well, lovely expression.
2nd Wilson & Sharp's Drosdelnoch's Crystal Maid, again, very nice female, good topline, head and expression good, moved well. Ann Sutton.

SWKA CH Show - 10.10.10 - Judge Sean Platts.
As this was my first judging appointment at a championship show. I was pleased to be asked to judge the neapolitan mastiff at S.W.K.A. All the exhibits that were present were in great condition and had good ring etiquette, I thank all who made the trip to the show, the breed is moving forward health wise with dogs showing no signs of skin/ coat issues, the eyes are becoming better and the movement is a lot better than a number of years ago , but Rome wasn't built in a day as the saying goes.
J D/B (4,1a)
1st Slater& Mafi's Doowneerg Usi, of 11 months very strong powerful grey male, head of correct proportions, very clean eyes set well apart , good bite, nice straight front, strong bone great length of body with powerful rear moved out well and handled well BP & RBD.
2ND Greenwood's Doowneerg Ava litter sister to my 1st place, great female of typical breed type a little shorter in length of body than 1st but great movement, good bone & feet, just lost out to 1st on eyes.
RBB 3rd Bailey's Dalnarck Kyra.

OD (2, 0a)
1st Slater & Mafi's Two The Sud , grey male of excellent size with a skull to match large, wide and flat between the ears as they should be. Great bite, having the right amount of skin/folds on his head and having a good clear eye with very little haw showing, strong neck, well laid shoulder, great spring of rib, very powerful rear giving him the drive to do his job, shown in great condition. BD & B.O.B
2nd Speight's Belkeiminter Marquinn, good male of good type just a little too much skin over his eyes, great bone and substance, good teeth, good movement, shown and handled very well and in good condition.

OB(4, 3a)
1st Speight's Belkeiminter Amaretti, very nice grey female of good colour tone, not too over done in the head good clear eyes that you can see at a glance, good teeth, good head proportions, typical movement .BB.
Sean Platts