Champ and open show critiques and results 2011

Judges Critiques 2011

An entry of 6 with 5 attending, all top quality Neapolitans in the peak of health and condition.
PG D/B (3,1): 1st Cox's Rayvonley Apollo, 19 mths dog, had good head with correct planes, good dewlap and wrinkle, good clear eyes, correct mouth and ear set. Topline good and moved very well with correct Mastino movement. Good coat and impressive construction. 2nd Cox's Cinciripini's Felisa of Rayvonley 2 and half year old bitch, very nice head, good bone and topline, good eyes and coat, moved well.
Open D/B (3): 1st & Best of Breed Cox's Rayvonley Leone 19 mths dog, very much like his sibling Apollo, a very pleasing head with everything correct and in proportion, excellent angulation, bone & construction throughout. Coat in good condition, eyes correct & clear, good ribs. Very good on the move BOB and later went on to G2 in Working Group. 2nd & Res Best of Breed Evans' Dalnarck Hiro at Makaevo 28 mths dog, again another very well constructed dog, very nice correct head, good ear set and good clear eyes. Coat in top condition, excellent topline, angulation & movement. 3rd Evans' Rayvonley Monos at Makaevo.
KEV BERRY (Drosdelnoch).

CRUFTS CH SHOW - 11.03.11 - Judge: Mr L M V Pinto Teixeira (Portugal)
Best of Breed: George & Gloria Speight's Belkeiminter Marquinn.
Best Dog: George & Gloria Speight's Belkeiminter Marquinn. Reserve Best Dog: John Weall's Icaro de Cetobriga (Imp Esp). Best Bitch: Mike & Mandy Evans' Makaevo Adalina. Reserve Best Bitch: Nick & Natalie Lees' Vallino Marillion via Tannick. Best Puppy: Tracey's Cooper's Dalnarck Luciano del Bramillhar.

TNMC SINGLE BREED OPEN SHOW - 09.04.11 - Judge: Zena Thorn-Andrews (Please See Breed Open Show Critiques)

W&P BREEDS ASSOCIATION OF WALES CH SHOW - 16.04.11- Judge Kim Lathaen L (3) 1 Platts' Vallino Romance, blue bitch, deep set eyes, no obvious problems. Heavy wrinkle but eyes & breathing clear. Good topline & undercarriage, front movement good. Hocks out at rear so movement a little erratic. O (3) This class could be the old meets new Neapolitan Mastiff. 1 Evans' Makaevo Adalina, bl/br bitch, well wrinkled but not excessively so, head large but feminine, good stop. Eyes bright, no obvious problems, but some haw showing due to wrinkle. Heavy bone, good front, strong straight forelegs, good muscletone, moved well with classical Neapolitan movement. BB & BOB; 2 Platts' Vallino Pantera, beautiful black bitch, but with far less flews & loose skin over body. Dark eyes, small wide set ears, well muscled. Pasterns with slight slope but hugely lighter in bone overall. Although moved & showed well, lacked typical movement of Neapolitan Mastiff.
KIM LATHAEN (Tyrdyma).

BIRMINGHAM NATIONAL CH SHOW - 05.05.11 - Judge: Tan Nagrecha
J (5) 1 Moss' Vinceremos Roma, beautiful bitch of the correct type, excellent for bone & substance, totally balanced, superb bite, really, really liked her, strongly considered her for BB for her better type, however lacked the precision of movement & animation of BB. BP & RBB; 2 Whites' Baggio Ocean Dancer, the more mature of the remaining puppies, decent head, even though the eye shows too much haw, decent outline, adequate coming towards, freedom of movement in profile but needs to strengthen up behind. RBD; 3 Cox's Rayvonley Tinker. OD (1) 1 Cox's Rayvonley Leone, typical outlook, however I did question myself whether he was masculine enough, enough detail in head but eyes marginally deep set & small, very good proportions & in today's entry said 'Neopolitian Mastiff' to me, sound easy mover with exceptional side gait. BOB. OB (3) 1 Platt's Vallino Pantera, good for proportion & totally sound on the move as conformation would suggest. Lacked type for me, head is a little generic. Decent eye, would prefer a much shorter muzzle. Body portions good, certainly has carriage style & precision in her movement. BB; 2 Cox's Triana De Azzura of Rayvonley, more typical than 1, says Neapolitan to me, typy. Perhaps a little overdone in head, lost to 1 as is very narrow in frame & lacks width to girth, lazy mover.

THE SCOTISH KENNEL CLUB CH SHOW - 21.05.11 - Judge: Mr J Bromley
The Neapolitan entry was reasonable considering there were no tickets & I am pleased to say that the efforts of the breed club are starting to show results & the quality of the exhibits was very high compared to what would have been expected a few years ago. I would have preferred for there to have been a separate Puppy class as 6 months puppies had to compete against Juniors.
J (9) 1 Spilsbury's Verotipo Desdemona, 1 year bitch, pleasing shape with not too much excess skin or over-wrinkled head, some haw but well proportioned head & muzzle, correct ear placement, broad chest with well boned front legs set well apart, level topline, nice bend of stifle, broad well muscled hindquarters with correct tailset, after a few attempts moved well. BB, BOB; 2 Cooper's Dalnarck Luciano Del Bramillhar, 1 year dog, very broad chest & well boned legs showing correct proportions from the front, nice head, wrinkling good, good bend of stifle. Slightly reluctant on the move. Correct tailset. BD. PG (3) 1 D Luciano Del B; 2 Spilsbury's Verotipo Puck, 1 year very large dog, head well proportioned with clear eyes, very little haw, good broad front & rear end, level topline & good bend of stifle, lost to 1 on movement; 3 Cox's Triana De Azzura of Ravonley. RBB. O (2) 1 Cox's Ravonley Leone, well built substantial dog with good head in proportion, impressive front & rear end, level topline & correct tailset, good bend of stifle, moved well with drive. RBD; 2 Platt's Vallino Pantera, bitch, outline not as good as 1 with the neck length out of proportion, good level topline & correct tailset, pleasing broad front. Movement slightly uncoordinated.

BATH CANINE SOCIETY CH SHOW - 29.05.11 - Judge: Sue Hewart-Chambers
JD (1) 1 Spilsbury's Verotipo Puck, lovely boy, handsome smiling expression, pleasing head, square muzzle, good planes, perhaps a tad too much haw showing. Deep chest, super bone. Could be ribbed further back which would improve topline. Super big catfeet, strong rear which showed in movement. PGD (3) 1 Slater & Mafi's Doowneerg Usi, masculine head, broad skull, clean tight eyes, strong muzzle, good height to length proportions, good bone. Maybe a tad too much wrinkle under broad chest but good clean dewlap, pleasing shape & tailset, moved out easily & soundly. BD; 2 Evans' Rayvonley Minos at Makaevo, strong impressive male, pleasing head shape, substantial body. Touch down on pasterns giving tipping topline. Well off for bone, good tailset, moved out freely. OD (1) 1 Hunt's Inisbua Guaglione of Matayus, impressive male, handsome head of good proportions with inverted V to lips, flat parallel skull to foreface, straight front. Dewlap a little red in fold. Pleasing body shape & substance, super bone & feet. RBD.
JB (4) 1 Spilsbury's Verotipo Desdemona, pretty girl, good head planes & expression, dry eyes with little haw showing, clean dry dewlap, substantial body of good proportions & shape, good bone & feet, moved out easily showing reach in profile. RBB; 2 Slater & Mafi's Nukualofa's Viola, clean looking girl, little wrinkle, plain head with inverted V on lips & good planes, tight eyes, straight front, dry dewlap, pleasing shape, pleasing bone for size, good legs & feet, moved out with ease. BP; 3 Evans' Makaevo Antonia. OB (2) 1 Platts' Vallino Pantera, loved her, shouted quality, beautiful head, broad skull, strong muzzle, good head planes, eyes dark, tad too much haw on show but this did not detract from lovely expression. Good dewlap, straight front, pleasing balanced body shape, good bone & feet, well angulated. Immaculately presented & in super condition, she then proceeded to show lovely catlike trot. BOB.

I was quite impressed with the quality of the exhibits & it soon became apparent that the custodians of this noble, unique breed are succeeding in their efforts to produce sound healthy stock with none of the exaggerations that were evident some years ago. I did not find a single dog that showed excessive loose skin on its body & all eyes were clean & dry. The majority of the dogs had good muscle development that reflected in their movement. Not all mouths were good, some were undershot. I found the odd missing tooth & one exhibit had very dirty teeth. In my opinion a lot of the exhibitors would benefit from some serious ringcraft. When asked to move several exhibitors almost jerked their dogs off their feet & never really gave them time to settle into their gait, while others moved their dogs far too fast which threw them so off balance they gave the impression of being unsound. Good handling & presentation, whatever breed you show, is of the utmost importance & no experienced, respected judge is going to give your dog a second glance in a competitive group or stakes class. Please try to understand your dog, get on its wavelength & be far more sympathetic in your handling.
V (0). PD (2) 1 Cox's Rayvonley Ottavio, very promising youngster, head nicely developed for age, impressive overall construction, good bone throughout, good feet showing strongly arched toes. The framework is there providing plenty of scope for the future. Movement showed desired big ground covering stride. BP; 2 Bradley & Waters' Leanino Luciano, attractive baby, nicely proportioned head showing strong deep muzzle, well set eyes & small correctly set ears. Good length & depth of body for one so young, moved freely. JD (1) 1 Cooper's Dalnarck Luciano Del Bramillhar, I really liked the head on this dog, it was large with typical short strong skull, lovely well defined stop & super deep broad muzzle, desired breadth across cheeks. Neck short & strong & he is beautifully boned. Totally lacking in substance & not as well presented as he could have been. PGD (4) 1 Evans' Rayvonley Minos at Makaevo, strongly made upstanding dog, super masculine head of correct proportions, liked his aloof expression, strong stocky neck leading to good shoulders, best of toplines flowing into broad muscular croup, thighs long showing well defined muscle, good bone & substance throughout, good feet, moved out freely & smoothly. RBD; 2 Kemp's Faynad Pero at Monstroneo, impressive dog, very typy, strongly built, well balanced, head of correct proportions, stocky muscular neck, deep chest & super length & depth of body, good muscletone, moved out smoothly & freely; 3 Spilsbury's Verotipo Puck. OD (1) 1 Cox's Rayvonley Leone, truly imposing youngster, has many of the qualities that go to make a good Mastino. Strong masculine head, typical broad deep skull & correct muzzle, good dentition, well spaced eyes, really excelled in body & bone, in fit muscular condition, moved well showing long ground covering action. At just 2 he has yet to realise his full potential. BOB.
PB (8) 1 Evans' Makaevo Antonia, promising baby, liked her type & overall sound construction. Good body & bone for age, correct feminine head, quite steady on the move, showed good muscletone; 2 Cox's Rayvonley Tinker, quality youngster, typey head, good breadth across cheeks, strong jaw, good depth of body, nicely boned, best of feet, moved out smoothly & freely; 3 White's Baggio Sovento. JB (4) 1 Moss' Vinceremos Roma, well made, nicely balanced black, excellent bone & body all round, good head, super depth of chest, strong topline leading to broad well muscled thighs & stoutest of hocks, slightly sloping pasterns & oval feet showing close well arched toes. Moved out so smoothly showing true long striding action. RBB; 2 Spilsbury's Verotipo Desdemona, good feminine head, nicely proportioned set well on stocky muscular neck, lovely depth of body, good ribbing, powerful cleanly defined muscletone all through, moved out well; 3 Hind's Gypsy Girl. PGB (4) 1 Evans' Makaevo Enrica, admired her sheer ring presence & true majestic bearing. Classy feminine head, excellent dentition, proudly set on short stocky neck, deep through body, strong topline leading to broad full croup, well muscled thighs & powerful hocks leading to well sloped pasterns & best of feet. Sadly carrying a little too much weight which did inhibit her movement. BB; 2 Cox's Triana De Azzura of Rayvonley, very nice bitch that exhibits many aspects of genuine type. Good feminine head of correct proportions, short strong neck flowing into well sloped shoulders, deep through chest, good muscletone on thighs, strong hocks & close well arched toes. One of the few exhibits that showed the true long striding bear-like gait. OB (3) 1 Platt's Vallino Pantera, stunning black, her quality is there for all to see. Looked so good in the line-up & going over her was a real pleasure. Excellent head, desired short skull & deep strong muzzle, well set eyes, correct ears, best of necks, really admired her beautiful body & bone, smooth free ground covering movement, handled so well; 2 Evans' Makaevo Adalina, such an imposing bitch, she has some lovely qualities. Nicely balanced, muscular neck set well into good shoulders, body long & deep, good bone structure & well defined muscle, moved out smooth & steadily. ANGELA DODD.

WINDSOR DOG SHOW SOCIETY CH SHOW - 01.07.11 - Judge: Ben Reynolds-Frost
PD (0). JD (1) Spilsbury's Verotipo Puck, 13 months & still a little sluggish on the move, big bold head & the right amount of wrinkle, plenty of good bone, would like slightly tighter feet & better topline, good depth of brisket for his age & correct hindquarters. PGD (1) 1 Slater & Mafi's Doowneerg Usi, 20 months blue with correct head & good eye & ear placement. Plenty of correct bone & good feet in the main, correct topline & tailset, excellent on the move. BD. OD (1) 1 Evans' Rayvonley Minos at Makaevo, at just under 2 years of age he had correct size head & the right amount of wrinkle with good earset. Would like better shaped eye on him, he has a lot of irritation to the skin under his chin. Slightly wide in front for me, correct topline & good depth brisket. Good in hindquarters & slightly sluggish on the move. RBD.
PB (2) 1 Slater & Mafi's Nukualofa's Viola, 8 months with good head, eye, ear & neck. She's slightly too lippy for me. Good topline & pleasing on the move. BP & RBB; 2 Evans' Makaevo Antonia, at just a month younger than 1 she has a long way to catch up as she is half the size. I would like better eye shape on this bitch, good head & neck, correct front & feet with correct topline. She still needs to settle on the move. JB (1) Spilsbury's Verotipo Desdemona, 13 months with correct head, neck & ear shape. Would like better eye shape & less lippy, strong in neck with correct front & feet. Would like a little stronger in topline, good depth of brisket with correct tailset, still needs to settle on the move. LB (2) 1 Plats' Vallino Pantera, good head & neck with correct ear & eye shape. Excellent front & feet, good topline with correct brisket, best of hindquarters & good on the move. Felt she did the breed proud in the group. BB & BOB; 2 Evans' Makaevo Enrica, would have liked slightly better in head & eye, correct ear carriage, good bone & feet. Deep in brisket & correct & quarters, sluggish on the move. BEN REYNOLDS-FROST

Thank you for your entry. I do not know if this entry was a fair representation of the breed or not, I most sincerely hope it was not. I firmly believe in a level playing field for all & am actively defending the fourteen 'High Profile' breeds which are, in my opinion, being marginalised. As one of these fourteen breeds it is incumbent upon you to take responsibility also. A part of which must be to show your charges in the best light possible.
This brings me to handling as several of you showed no empathy towards your dogs at all. Often when specimens stood themselves naturally, legs were tugged at & overstretched without due care, placing the dogs off balance. I observed similar handling when dogs were being asked to move & leads were simply yanked at, allowing the dogs no opportunity to respond sensibly. I genuinely felt sorry for those dogs. I am sure you are aware that your breeds, along with the others, are being monitored by KC reps from outside the ring. Perhaps some of you don't care. I would suggest that you owe it to your breed & the other thirteen to care deeply & respond accordingly.
On to the dogs themselves, with the exception of one, temperaments were excellent & the one in question, when handled sensibly, was fine to go over. I did give the handlers of two dogs displaying signs of unsoundness the opportunity to leave the ring & check their dogs. Both, possibly wisely, decided not to come back in. One comes across weak hocks in many breeds but the problem in this entry was that the percentage displaying this trait was too high. Hocks can often be improved considerably with correct husbandry. When stacked, several conveyed an alien outline being too square, too down on pasterns & with incorrect toplines. Head type varied alarmingly, sure some of this is due to age & stages of development although rounded skulls are, in my experience, unlikely to become flat ones. A scissor bite or level bite cannot be construed as an undershot bite & I am convinced you do not need me to tell you. In this respect, the puppy bitches were particularly disappointing. In the main eyes were clean & I am reasonably tolerant of haw but in too many cases the amount of haw was undeniably excessive.
I can understand that several of you were miffed but the fact that you complained to your president, Jeff Luscott, who in turn approached myself did not impress me at all. At the conclusion of my second breed you could have spoken to me personally, I was the one in the centre of the ring remember & I am very approachable. When assessing this entry I compromised as far as I felt I could & dogs with some of the above failings were placed. I have written this in place of an individual critique as I have no desire to condemn individual dogs. However, I urge you to read your Standard, apply it to your dog's being totally realistic & then decide whether or not I was unduly harsh. I love my involvement with the canine world & take it seriously, I have no desire to merely notch up another breed. Unfortunately these observations are real & if unacceptable to you please remove my name from your judging lists. On a positive note the BOB male conveyed a balanced outline, has a large frame carrying correct substance, bone & muscle which so many lacked. Moved in a typical fashion & was sound. He looked & performed particularly well in the group. I intend to continue to defend the fourteen breeds & hope you play your part in order that we can all move forward.

Best of Breed: Nelson Ray & Pauline Kellegher's Inisbua Diomedes.
Best Dog: Nelson Ray & Pauline Kellegher's Inisbua Diomedes. Reserve Best Dog: Mike & Many Evans' Rayvonley Minos. Best Bitch: Mark Spilsbury's Verotipo Desdemona. Reserve Best Bitch: Nina Bradley's Leanino Belladonna Best Puppy: Nina Bradley's Leanino Belladonna

NATIONAL W&P BREEDS DOG SOCIETY CH SHOW - 16.07.11 - Judge: Terry Munroe
Group Summary of the Working Group reads: I guess it has been an interesting week for Neapolitan Mastiff exhibitors with a very forthright critique from one of our leading judges to digest. Here we had the breed making the short list with very vocal ringside support. This was Doownerg Usi, handled by former Tongan rugby international Mateaki Mafi who owns him in partnership with Kim Slater. It was his first BOB though I remember speaking to Mateaki in the group ring at this show last year when he went BOB with a half-brother
Working Group Judge Meg Purnell-Carpenter writes: I had some extremely good dogs presented to me & made a cut of ten. My final ten were: the Malamute, Dobermann, Giant Schnauzer, Dane, Bouvier, Leonberger, Neapolitan, Newfoundland, Rottweiler & St Bernard.
Best in Show Judge Jack B Bispham writes: Best Rare Breed went to the Estrela bitch, Int/Bel/Dan Ch Karabas Likande Lamenna Lette at Sturtmoor, clean cut head with well placed eyes, strong neck well set into good shoulders, first class body shape, good angulations front & rear, so free & easy on the move.
Reserve Rare Breed, a well made Neapolitan, Doowneerg Usi, head handles well, muscular neck & sound quarters, stands well & covers the ground with ease.

LEEDS CITY & DISTRICT CS CH SHOW - 23.07.11 - Judge: Keith Baldwin
Whatever breed you have be it a Pomeranian to a Mastiff you are passionate for your breed. You want to lavish them with your love and care, and also for them to have the best of health. My entry today ranged from 6 months to 4 years and they were all well presented for examination and behaved impeccably through-out.
In the large Junior Bitch class of 11 entries and 9 present an 11month old bitch was favouring her lift hind leg and on examination her stifle was found to be swelled and hot, she was withdrawn to seek medical attention. I do hope this has now been conducted and she is receiving the vet's attention and the rest she deserves. Thank you for a good entry of 24 with 19 hands on after absentees. The Standard calls for a scissor bite, their were some very tight and a few that had lost contact, have you checked your dog in this department lately?.
JD (4,1): 1ST Bradley and Waters, Leanino Frederico, 7 and a half month old brindle who is a bit more well put together than his brother, nicely developing head, scissor bite, good bone and close oval feet, body well covered with no excess, well presented and moved out even and steady. Best Dog Puppy.
2ND Spilsbury's, Verotipo Puck, 14 month old, that could easy have won this class for type, body shape stood and maturity, but when he was lazy, then paced and bunny hopped this cost him, although he did move correctly for a brief occasion, masculine head, strong bone with large compact feet, well presented. 3RD Bradley and Waters, Leanino Luciano.
PGD (2,1): 1ST Ray and Kellegher's, Inisbua Diomedes, 3 year old grey that was nicely presented by being walked into a stance instead of lifting every leg into 4 corners, masculine boy that is long in body yet compact, in profile stood he makes a nice shape, head well formed, scissor bite, ribs well sprung, front legs vertical stood with slightly sloping pasterns and good feet, muscular rear quarters with moderate stifle, moved out with purposed, free and with drive, shown well. Best Dog.
OD (3): 1ST Slater and Mafi's, Doowneerg Usi, 21 months old that was nice overall in shape and type and could have very well been my best dog for his outstanding quality, his movement going around the ring was great, but it was when he was coming towards me with his front so loose that I could not award him top honours, he is young and if it tightens up, well he's got it all, Good head, scissor bite, strong bone and compact feet, good body and balanced angulation, well shown.
2ND Evans, Dalnarck Ercole At Makaevo, 4 year old grey, good head proportions and masculine through out, scissor bite, muscular stocky neck to carry his head and fits well into shoulders, firm back with slight roach I would prefer straighter, nice underline, broad chest with excess of wobbling fat, nice bone and feet, presented and moved out well. 3RD Cox, Rayvonley Leone.
JB (11,2): 1ST Slater and Mafi's, Nukualofa's Viola, 8 and a half month old grey, well up to size, feminine head fairly large with muzzle deep and square, minimum of loose skin today, tight scissor bite, stocky muscular neck fits well into shoulders, clean over withers and topline straight, ribs well sprung, front legs viewed straight with ample bone and good feet, lovely happy temperament through out, moves with good even, free ground covering action, my pleasure to send her into the group for all present to see her, (don't over show her, keep her happy and I predict a bright future.).BB & BOB
2ND Moss's, Vinceremos Roma, I also liked this 13 month old black girl, maybe just overdone in loose skin on her head for me, but the rest she has it all and would be someone else's cup of tea, lovely body shape topline and underline, ample bone with front legs viewed straight with oval, close feet, muscular rear quarters with moderate bend of stifle powered her around the ring free and even, another to watch for the future, well presented and shown. 3RD Spilsbury's, Verotipo Desdemona
PGB (1,1).
OB (3): 1ST Evans, Makaevo Enrica, 3 year old grey that is fully matured into a nice female, lovely feminine head with clean eyes set well apart, scissor bite, ears set forward and high, muscular neck fits well into firm body with topline straight and sloping slightly, good underline, balanced well angulated quarters to achieve even and free ground covering steps, well presented, Reserve Best Bitch.
2ND Platts, Vallino Pantera, 2 and a half year old black brindle, judged her previously at Boston 2010, head feminine with good depth across cheeks, lips full, bite lost contact, round eye with tight rims, neck fairly short fits well into shoulders, I prefer a straighter topline which although has improved since my last report, strong bone and big compact feet, steady on the move, shows well. 3RD Cox's, Ciniripinis Felisa Of Rayvonley. KEITH BALDWIN.

PAIGNTON & DISTRICT ASSOCIATION CH SHOW - 01.08.11 - Judge: Pamela Jeans-Brown.
I was very impressed by the presentation of the Mastini entered under me. All the dogs were sound and moved well with that idiosyncratic gait of the breed. The handlers were more than competent and showed their dogs off to full advantage. It was a pleasure to spend time with this rare breed.
JD / B (7,4): 1st & Best Puppy: Slater and Mafi's Nukualofa's Viola : well-balanced girl with good bone. Good head proportions , typical expression. Just enough wrinkle. Good ear carriage. Good reach of neck, good top-line retained on the move. Moved out steadily and well. 2nd Evans' Makaevo Antonia very pretty bitch with excellent head proportions. Broad skull, broad muzzle, good wrinkle. Excellent strong body with good reach of neck and top-line, good spring of rib. Strong bone. Amazing feet, well-formed, strong but large! Moved with power once she got going. 3rd Heron's Makaevo Bonavita.
OD (6,4): 1st & Best Dog & Best of Breed: Slater and Mafi's Doowneerg Usi : big boy with bone, substance and soundness. Good head proportions, well-wrinkled but not excessively so. Well-balanced body, good reach of neck, good top-line, strong quarters. Excellent mover who needs space to really get into his stride. 2nd & Reserve Best Dog:Evans' Rayvonley Minos at Makaevo : excellent breed type. Strong body proportions with good bone. Pleasing head proportions and good expression. Very powerful mover. I would have liked a little more length of leg to balance his body and this cost him first place.
OB (6,3): 1st & Best Bitch & Reserve Best of Breed: Evans' Makaevo Adalina : one of the best examples of breed which I have seen in this country. Heavy girl with excellent bone and strong feet. Excellent head proportions, broad skull, broad blunt muzzle, excellent wrinkle, excellent ear carriage. Very steady mover who covered the ground well. Very typical Neapolitan Mastiff who may be too much for people unused to the breed. 2nd & Reserve Best Bitch: Platts' Vallino Pantera : beautiful black girl who certainly lives up to her name. Excellent body proportions. Good bone for her size. Good head proportions but almost lacking the wrinkle and the essence of the breed. Superb mover.
3rd Evans' Makaevo Enrica

WELSH KENNEL CLUB CH SHOW - 20.08.11 - Judge: Steve Hall.
Best of Breed: Sean & Dawn Platts' Vallino Pantera.
Best Dog: Kim Slater & Mati Mafi's Doowneer Usi Reserve Best Dog: Mark Spilsbury's Verotipo Puck. Best Bitch: Sean & Dawn Platts' Vallino Pantera. Reserve Best Bitch: Kim Slater & Mati Mafi's Nukualofa's Viola Best Puppy: Kim Slater & Mati Mafi's Nukualofa's Viola.

RICHMOND DOG SHOW SOCIETY CH SHOW - 10.09.11 - Judge: Janet Gunn.
PD/B (6,3) 1 Slater & Mafi's Nukualofa's Viola. Substantial 10 months bitch of excellent size and proportions. Well balanced with solid bone. Straight front with tidy well padded feet. Head needs some work which should develop with maturity. Nice flat skull, well set ears, well defined stop, clear eyes, excellent bite and dentition. Enough angulation, strong parallel hocks. Topline straight, retained on the move. Movement typical and free. Presented in gleaming condition. A robust, unexaggerated young bitch which bodes well for the future. BP. 2 Cox's Rayvonley Ottavio. 11 months boy of excellent type. Strong expressive head of correct proportions. Excellent bite and dentition. Eyes clean, showing some haw but not exaggerated. Well boned straight front, good angulation. Strong hocks. Typical gait. 3 Cox's Rayvonley Fabia.
JD/B (2, 1) 1. Platt's Verotipo Pandora via Vallino. 15 months bitch of super breed type. Strong head of correct proportions. Broad flat skull, well placed ears, well defined stop, enough wrinkle to give good expression. Clear eyes, excellent bite and dentition. Straight front with good width and depth, well ribbed, nice angulation, strong hocks. Nice easy gait. A quality bitch retaining all the characteristics of the breed without exaggeration. BB/BOB.
OD (3,1) 1 Slater & Mafi's Doowneerg Usi. Big boy of 22 months. Correct head planes with clear eyes, good bite and dentition, well padded muzzle. Well up to size with substantial bone. Nice straight front with good well padded feet. Could do with more width in front which still has time to develop. Strong parallel hocks. Powerful easy movement. BD. 2 Cox's Rayvonley Leone. A difficult choice between 1 and 2 as both had their virtues. Different in type, this 3 year old was closer to the ground but very typical. Strong in head and shorter in muzzle. Clear eyes, good bite, well padded muzzle. Correct dewlap without excess. Good sound movement Could easily change places on another day - a well-worn phrase but true in this instance. ResBD.
OB (4, 2) 1 Platt's Vallino Pantera. 2 year old black bitch. Very fit and active but not the type and substance that I prefer. Head could do with some work although expression good. Eyes clear but with more haw than I like to see, which is surprising with a minimum of wrinkle. Excelled in movement. ResBB. 2 Bailey's Dalnarck Enigma. 4 year old of nice type and substance. Good mouth and well padded muzzle but ears a little low set. Not as positive on the move as 1.

DARLINGTON DOG SHOW SOCIETY CH SHOW - 17.09.11 - Judge: Glynn Payne.
Best of Breed: Mike & Mandy Evans' Makaevo Enrica.
Best Dog: Steve Cox's Rayvonley Leone Reserve Best Dog: Mike & Mandy Evans' Rayvonley Minos at Makaevo. Best Bitch: Mike & Mandy Evans' Makaevo Enrica. Reserve Best Bitch: Steve Cox's Rayvonley Fabia Best Puppy: Steve Cox's Rayvonley Fabia.

Best of Breed: Kim Slater & Mati Mafi's Doowneer Usi .
Best Dog: Kim Slater & Mati Mafi's Doowneer Usi Reserve Best Dog: Best Bitch: Sean & Dawn Platts' Verotipo Pandora via Vallino. Reserve Best Bitch: Steve & Rachael Greenwoods Doowneerg Ava Best Puppy: Liam Herons Makaevo Bonavita.

A lot has been said about this breed before & sometimes maybe justified but the dogs present here were all of good type & quality & apart from one girl, temperaments were spot on as you would hope for with such a powerful dog. My results seem to have favoured 1 kennel but as they had different handlers it must mean they are producing a type & must be applauded for that.
JD 1 Cox's Asso Dello Stradone Vesuviano of Rayvonley, 14 months well grown lad of good type. Broad head with correct skull to muzzle ratios, well set eyes with tight rims. Powerfully built throughout particularly in hindquarters. Well laid shoulders, straight front legs & tight feet. Holds his shape at all times on the move & standing. Steady on the move & sound in all directions. Could be a bit more animated at times to compliment him further. RBD.
OD 1 Cox's Rayvonley Leone, typifies the breed being strong in frame & free from any excesses anywhere. Strong, broad skull, tight eyes & well set ears. Muscular neck to first class shoulders & front assembly. Deep well filled chest & spring of rib. Firm in topline, straight topline with gentle slope to withers. He's a large well proportioned boy that moves with an easy ground covering action & sound as they come. BOB & shortlisted in the group.
JB 1 Cox's Rayvonley Fabia, still a puppy & what a stunner. Strongly built all round with everything fitting together nicely to produce the whole. Only 10 months old & already coping with the ring like a seasoned pro taking it all in her stride. Powerful head yet so obviously feminine, good length of neck to shoulders that are as close as you can get to ideal. When she gets into her stride she is a joy to watch as she flows around the ring with a sound, effortless action. If she carries on developing as she is now she will be a star for sure. BP & BB; 2 Cox's Rayvonley Ambra, similar comments as 1 but 3 months younger she was understandably not as co-ordinated at times on the move. Having said that she has the frame work to work with & given time will be another force to be reckoned with like her kennelmate. She has a head to die for with a certain air of 'look at me' in her eyes & that extra something needed to make a good dog stand out. RBB; 3 Platts's Verotipo Pandora Vi Vallino.

LADIES KENNEL ASSOCIATION CH SHOW - 10.12.11 - Judge: Mr M S Quinney.
AV Working Not Separately Classified
Best of Breed: Horgan & Clarks (Min Pin) Cerlinan Queiro to Aritaur (Imp) .
Best Dog: Horgan & Clarks (Min Pin) Cerlinan Queiro to Aritaur (Imp). Reserve Best Dog: Denise Bucknall's (Neapolitan Mastiff) Rayvonley Alfonso Best Bitch: Gardiner's (Tibetan Mastiff) Heronsview Hold the Dream. Reserve Best Bitch: Winterton & Singh's (Tibetan Mastiff) Arabica at Tasermiut Best Puppy: Gardiner's (Tibetan Mastiff) Heronsview Hold the Dream.