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I got my first dog when I was 10 years old and since then have only been without a dog in my life for a few months. When I was 40 I got my first Great Dane which starting my interest in showing. When I became interested in the Mastino after seeing them in the Any Varity class at Bath Championship show, I joined the 1st Neapolitan Mastiff Club. This was late 1996 but it was April 1998 before we got Orsino (Caleenos Niro), from Barclay Outerbridge once Katie worked on her dad after seeing his litter sister Megan at Crufts Discover Dogs. We have had seven Neapolitan Mastiffs, four of which were imported. Ursa (Shawneovin Faithful Maiden) came along later in 1998. In 2001 we got Araya of the Thatched Roof, our first imported girl from the Dutch breeder, Mr Anton Van Doremalen who lives in Belgium. She was our longest living Mastino, reaching the age of 10 years and two months. In 2002 we got Paso Yuan Furgul from Cindy & Dick Preston before importing our last three girls in 2006 (Kamarla) and 2007 (Yendi and Isla) from the Seporonato Kennels in the Czech Republic. Sadly four of our Neapolitans died early, all before the age of two years, which is why I feel passionately about the health of this wonderful and unique breed.