2011 Molosser Fun Day

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Rayvonley KennelsPrize Choice

On the 11th of June 2011 Rayvonley Mastino Kennels in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, once again provided the perfect venue for The Neapolitan Mastiff Club to host its annual Molosser Fun Day, and boy! what a Fun Day it was... The Fun Day set-up team arose at 5.30am to sunshine & light rain and ran around the paddocks at Rayvonley Kennels like manic Mastini for 3 hours (Ooo! could you imagine?), prepping, preening, dressing & finalizing all preparations, and when the first Molosser enthusiasts trickled in at 9.00am we were all systems go for the day ahead. At 9.30am the trickle of enthusiasts turned into a flood and Myself & Dawn Wilde were hard pressed to keep-up with the entries but, the six cups of coffee & protein riddled burger at 7am kicked in, and we scribbled away until we had entered every last Molosser & non-Molosser present.

It was absolutely brillante to see & welcome so many enthusiasts with or without their charges (to coin a phrase!) to our Molosser Fun Day, and with the entire emphasis being on Fun, the beauty competition, handling assessment, agility course, Welfare raffle, trade stands, bouncy castle & burger bar, provided a bit of everything to accommodate every ones idea of Fun. We believe this year Mastino enthusiasts were out numbered by Bullmastiff & Dogue de Bordeaux enthusiasts, which made for some splendido line-ups in the ring, it also made-up for last years Mastino clean-sweep in presentation of the Fun Day Trophies.

At 11.00am Alex & Janet Gunn, & Marion Hodgson made their way into the main ring for the Beauty Classes. Janet was appointed as MC for Molosser Dogs and kicked-off proceedings with a class of 4 Vibrant Veterans and what appeared to be, hundreds of spectators in & around the paddock. The increased entries were self evident in the number of Molossers Alex & Janet had presented to them in each class, and we believe, were due in part to the support Alex & Janet's judging appointments generate and no wonder, for not only are the Gunn duo very experienced judges but, they're a genuinely lovely couple who have a good sense of humour & a great sense of fun.
Magnifico Molosser Classes - MC Janet Gunn:
Most Vibrant Veteran (4): 1st Platts fostered 7yrs NM Theo, 2nd Luffs 7 yr DDB Rock, 3rd Cox's 7yr NM Hartu, 4th Cox's 7yr NM Hamis.
Most Munchable Minor (6): 1st Bull's 4m BM Bruna, 2nd Thomas'5 ½ m BM Kenny, 3rd Lewis'8m DDB Jenson, 4th Jenkins 4m DDB Hooch, 5th Jones'7m BM Obbie / Slater's 7m NM Vanilla Ice.
Most Adorable Adult (5): 1st Jones'4yr BM Ozzie, 2nd Jordan's 4y EM Samson, 3rd Cox's 4yr NM Mica, 4th Platts 7yr NM Theo, 5th Smith's 1yr DDB Zeus.
Most Athletic Anatomy (3): 1st Cox's 2yr NM Leone, 2nd Hannula's 18m BM Flynn, 3rd Smith's 1yr DDB Zeus.
Most Luxurious Lustre (4): 1st Ingram's 18m EM Diesel, 2nd Bull's 4m BM Bruna, 3rd Lewis'8m DDB Jenson, 4th Jordan's 4y EM Samson.
Most Expressive Expression (7): 1st Slater's 7m NM Vanilla Ice, 2nd Jordan's 4y EM Samson, 3rd Cox's 7yr NM Hartu, 4th Thomas'5 ½ m BM Kenny, 5th Hannula's 18m BM Flynn / Ingram's 18m EM Diesel / Spilsbury's 13m NM Junior.
Most Excitable Exhibit (5): 1st Bull's 4m BM Bruna, 2nd Wilde's 14m NM Loki, 3rd Hannula's 18m BM Flynn, 4th Jones'7m BM Obbie, 5th Ingram's 18m EM Diesel.
In the numerically larger classes, to ensure that no Molosser left the ring without having been placed, Janet awarded 5th place to all remaining exhibits, and whilst Marion desperately tried to make the rosettes go- around bless her! unfortunately we had not catered for this eventuality but, all thought this was an excellent idea which will be adopted for future Fun Days.

Whilst our MC's & Stewards retired for a spot of lunch, Steve Cox entered the main ring to put the Molosser handlers who'd been brave enough to enter the handling classes, through their paces in the handling group. One young DDB handler with his adorable mini Molosser shone through, and in the presentation of the trophies later that day, was awarded for his bravery.
Maneggio Molosser Classes - MC Steve Cox:
Best Young Handler: 1st Master Colclough & 4m DDB Amber.
Best Sit, Down & Stand: 1st Master Colclough & 4m DDB Amber, 2nd Colclough's 2yr DDB Freya, 3rd Cox's 2yr NM Leone.
Best Heel on Slack Lead: 1st Master Colclough & 4m DDB Amber.

Best Brace / Irish Brace: 1st Slater's 7m NM's Ola & Vanilla Ice, 2nd Bull's 4m BM's Bruna & Star, 3rd Ray's 4m NM's Flora & Inca, 4th Jordan's 4yr EM Samson & 5yr EM Solo, 5th Colclough's 4m & 2yr DDB's Amber & Freya.

As Steve was handing out rosettes to the beautiful pairs of Molossers in the Brace Class, Dawn Wilde was checking the stop-watch and bracing herself for the Molosser mayhem which we knew from our 2010 experience was about to explode in the agility ring. A very firm favourite, everyone loves the agility course and though not all enthusiasts like to compete, all enthusiasts like to watch the hilarious attempts by man & Molosser (or woman of course!) to complete the 5 obstacles as fast as their 6 little legs (or in Terhi's case 8 little legs!) will carry them, or watch with awe & amazement the Moloser or non-Molosser who takes-on the agility course like a ninja, flying through, over, or under each obstacle, and ending-up back at the start before anyone's had chance to catch their breath! Fantastico Fun!

Movimento Molosser - Adjudicator Dawn Wilde:
Agility Conquerors:
1st 5 Obstacles - 20 Seconds: Jones' 4yr Bullmastiff Ozzie.
2nd 5 Obstacles - 22 Seconds: Smith's 5yr Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Jemima.
3rd 5 Obstacles - 51 Seconds: Cox's 2yr Neapolitan Mastiff Leone.
4th 5 Obstacles - 1 Minute 35 Seconds: Bull's 4m Bullmastiff Bruna
5th 5 Obstacles - 1 Minute 55 Seconds: Lewis' 11m Frenchie Dora.

Alex & Janet and Marion returned from lunch in time to enjoy seeing some of the agility competitors flying around the ring, some of them totally ignoring the obstacles just racing around the ring terribly excited to be unleashed !! Marion later cited seeing BM Ozzie, who is indeed quite an accomplished show dog, racing around the course conquering all obstacles in his way as though it were a walk in the park! as being her favourite Molosser moment of the day. Alex took center stage at 2.00pm very much looking forward to getting up-close & personal with all the Molosser girls and although there were no vibrant vets to award, his most munchable minor entry was to die for.

Magnifico Molosser Classes - MC Alex Gunn:
Most Vibrant Veteran (0).
Most Munchable Minor (8): 1st Slater's 7m NM Ola, 2nd Bull's 4m BM Star, 3rd Smith's 1yr NM Venus, 4th Lewis'11m Frenchie Dora, 5th Cox's 6m NM Fabia / Colclough's 4m DDB Amber / Ray's 4m NM Flora / Emily Ray's 4m NM Inca.
Most Adorable Adult (6): 1st Jordans 5yr EM Solo, 2nd Lewis'2 ½ yr DDB Lacey, 3rd Simpson's 1yr BM Esmay, 4th Colclough's 3yr ParsonT Shelby, 5th Colclough's 2yr DDB Freya / Degg's 3yr NM Maggie.
Most Athletic Anatomy (2): 1st Smith's 1yr NM Venus, 2nd Hannula's 2yr BM Zera.
Most Luxurious Lustre (4:) 1st Slater's 7m NM Ola, 2nd Colclough's 2yr DDB Freya, 3rd Smith's 1yr NM Venus, 4th Cox's 6m NM Fabia.
Most Expressive Expression (10): 1st Cox's 5yr NM Sepentina, 2nd Lewis'5yr DDB Lacey, 3rd Colclough's 3yr Parson T Shelby, 4th Colclough's 2yr DDB Freya / Simpson's 1yr BM Esmay / Cox's 3yr NM Felisa / Cox's 6m NM Fabia / Degg's 3yr NM Maggie / Jordan's 5yr EM Solo / Cox's 4yr NM Riassa.
Most Excitable Exhibit (5): 1st Hannulah's 2yr BM Zera, 2nd Lewis'11m Frenchie Dora, 3rd Bull's 4m BM Star, 4th Colclough's 3yr Parson T Shelby, 5th Cox's 4yr NM Riassa,

Massive Molosser Thank Yous to: Alex & Janet Gunn for accepting our invitation to be our Molosser MC's and for immersing themselves so wonderfully in the ambiance of the day. Marion Hodgson for accepting our invitation to steward and who, despite the enjoyable chaos, maintained order in the main ring throughout. Anglian Meat Products Ltd for their provision of Prize Choice - Natures Menu Products, Vouchers & Prizes. Steve Cox & Terhi Hannula for the Trophies & financial sponsorship, for putting-up with the weekend- long invasion, for the accommodation provided to guests, & the week- long hospitality extended to Myself & Dawn Wilde. Dawn Wilde who was my right-hand woman throughout. Mac & Elenora McIntyre who arrived at Rayvonley Kennels early and got roped-in to help with all the prepping. Team Rayvonley: Richard, Emma, Jes, Scott & Ricky Grimson for all their help & assistance preparing for & setting-up this years event as well as undertaking their daily duties. Team Rayvonley not only assisted every step of the way they even managed to participate in all the events throughout the weekend including a little impromptu Birthday Party to celebrate Emma's 21st Birthday!!

And of course, The Neapolitan Mastiff Club wishes to extend massive Molosser Thank Yous to ALL Molosser enthusiasts & Molossers who supported our event & who truly emphasized the Fun in Fun Day. Thank you ALL it just wouldn't have happened without you.