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The aim of this scheme is to establish the current health of the breed population. It is also to remove the breed from the KC High Profile Breed list by encouraging health testing, using established methods as already in place in other breeds. This scheme is open to ANY Neapolitan Mastiff, you do not have to be a club member to participate. All that is needed, is that your dog is Kennel Club registered, is micro chipped and of 12 months of age or over. The owner is responsible for payment of this service or any testing to the vet involved. There are  three awards on offer as detailed below for which you (the owner) will be given a certified certificate from The Neapolitan Mastiff Club, upon completion.


Request a Bronze Health Test form from Philippa, our Breed Health Coordinator via email providing KC name & number, microchip number & date of birth.

You will receive a form to take along to the vet who will do a non-intrusive test on your dog covering all the points on the form. The vet will complete, sign & stamp the form, ensuring that the vets name/address is clearly shown. They will then give the form to you as you leave (they may copy it first for their records). You will send it by post to our BHC, 18 Marlin Close, Hadleigh,  Essex, SS7 2TW, who will provide you with your Bronze Breed Health Certificate with your dog’s details recorded & a copy of the Vet form.


Your dog must  have previously obtained a Bronze award ( as above) as well as the following criteria:
Heart test by KC approved cardiologist
Eye test by an Examiner of the BVA/KC/ISDS
All copies of the said tests plus a copy of your Bronze Health Test Report (that the vet has previously completed) has to be sent to the club. Upon receipt TNMC will send you the Silver certificate.


Your dog must have previously obtained a Bronze and Silver award, as well as the following criteria:
Clear heart test
Clear eye test
Zero elbow score
Hip score equal to or less than the breed average score,  as recorded by the KC.
All copies of the said tests plus a copy of your SILVER Award certificate (previously supplied by TNMC) has to be sent to the club. Upon receipt TNMC will send you the GOLD certificate.

THE VET CHECK will only be done once for the Bronze award. It will cover the following points on your dog:
Check microchip corresponds to the one provided on the form
Basic Auscultation
Breathing, visual and auditory, while at rest and after a few minutes exercise
Visual assessment of, skin, ear canals, teeth and nostrils
Normal clinical assessment of eyes
Establish hearing (or not)
Tail, testis (intact) and temperament

General comments to include the following:
(1) Body grading 1 to 5 with 3 being normal/average body weigh according to the vets chart
(2) Record any visible health concerns regarding, mouth/teeth and movement
(3) Provide details of any condition requiring referral to a specialist


We have four recommended Vets currently undertaking assessments for our breed. We would welcome the details of any further Vets who would be prepared to come-on-board to assist with breed Health Surveillance & Research. Many Vets are now doing this for other breeds, so if YOUR vet does this, do ask them if they would be happy for the BHC to contact them. Further details can be seen here.

Individual assessments via the vets stated below is around £45 per dog (however please check).

Tom Bingham. BVMS. MRCVS. Walpole & Bingham Veterinary Surgeons. Houghton House, Jeffcock Road, Wolverhampton. WV3 7AF. Tel: 01902 342775.

Philip Geddes. BVSc. MRCVS. Maes Glas Veterinary Group. Brackla Hospital, Church Acre, Brackla, Bridgend. CF31 2JT. Tel: 01656 862971.

Alistair Mitchell. BVMS. MRCVS. Pilgrim Veterinary Surgery. Fydell Street, Boston, Lincs.

PE21 8LE. Tel: 01205 366872.

Tony White. BVSc. MRCVS. Woodstreet Veterinary Hospital. 74 Woodstreet, Barnet, Herts,

EN5 4BW. Tel: 0208 449 0074. Email