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  • To alleviate the suffering of unwanted, neglected and abandoned Mastino
  • To try to reduce the number of unwanted Mastino
  • To re-home to home/vet checked, loving and forever homes
  • To establish good working relationships with any would be adoptee
  • To highlight Duty of Care to all enthusiasts
  • To educate and support those who feel that they have to give up their dog
  • To encourage responsible ownership
  • To promote responsible breeding practices
  • To exchange knowledge and information on the breed
  • To support other welfare organisations caring for a Mastino
  • To try to raise funds for all Mastino in desperate need

If anyone needs to rehome a Neapolitan Mastiff, your first port of call must be the breeder or breeders who bred your dog or bitch – as per clause 10 of the kennel club universal code of ethics: “breeders will help with the re-homing of a dog if the initial circumstances change”.

Currently with limited funds we can only offer a support role. However, if you need our help we will do our best to help, via our network of club members as well as breed related social media pages.

Please contact our Breed Rescue Coordinator, Kathy South, tnmcbrc@gmail. com.


DONATIONS & VOLUNTEERS are desperately required


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