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  1. Prospective owners must be aged 21 years or over.
  2. We will not re-home to potential owners who are likely to leave a dog alone for long periods of time (over 5 hours).
  3. We welcome owners with families but will not re-home where there are children under 5 years old.
  4. All dogs must be neutered at your own expense (if not already done). Should a dog be offered for adoption before being neutered (for example, bitches who have only just finished a season) then the new owner MUST be prepared to neuter the dog. We may ask you to provide a letter from your vet at your own cost to confirm neutering/spaying has been carried out.
  5. The new owner is responsible for veterinary treatment and third-party liability from the moment the dog is handed over, irrespective of whether an Adoption or Foster Contract has yet been signed.
  6. We expect new owners to give the dog a reasonable amount of time to settle and adjust to a new life. The dog must also be given its own space to settle in. However, if an incompatibility arises the dog MUST be returned at the owner’s expense to the previous owner or arranged kennel facility.
  7. Rescue cannot accept responsibility for the temperament of any dog once it has been re-homed. We endeavour to do health and temperament assessments on dogs if the original owner allows. However, once a dog has settled into a new home his or her behaviour can sometimes change. We can only advise on the temperament of any dog based on the information provided by previous owner. If its an abandoned dog then the new owner(s) will need to understand, that we would have no history of this.
  8. We strongly recommend the undertaking of organised training sessions with the dog.

Our procedure is as follows: –

Currently we have no kennel or foster home places, so can only offer a “marry up” service. This means that we will marry your information to a dog that we are aware of. This could be a dog placed with another rescue organisation.

We will (or who we are assisting) have a form for the dog & a form from would be owner. If we think there is combability then we will introduce the two parties.

Once your form is received, we will chat with you over the phone/on email or messenger to discover what you want from owning a dog, your lifestyle and home circumstances, etc. Where possible we will arrange a breed club enthusiast to visit you at home. We may take up references from a veterinary surgeon. All family members/people living at the address must (where possible) meet the dog and demonstrate commitment to owning a rescue dog. All owners are asked to sign an adoption contract, which will detail our “marry up” only service.

Please consider carefully the responsibility of adopting a lost or abandoned dog – the whole family must be 100% committed to wanting a rescue dog. The rewards are tremendous – rescue dogs understand they have been saved so make loyal and faithful pets.

However, you must remember that these dogs can be needy and are often disturbed by their past treatment. Please consider whether you have the time, patience and love to give to such a dog. You also need to factor in, how a dog with perhaps an unknown past may disturb your current lifestyle and resident animals. Most rescued dogs have been to hell and back and they feel deep sadness when people adopt them then return them within a short time without giving enough time to settle into their new life. The breed as a whole need to be with people who know and understand what this could entail, as the Neapolitan Mastiff is not a dog fit for everyone.

PLEASE NOTE: – We do this on a voluntary basis because we have this unique breed at heart and would not want to see any dog suffer. Therefore, we are not insured for any third-party costs & cannot accept any liability in re-homing or placing any Neapolitan Mastiff in need.